Poll 2018 British Grand Prix out of 10

2018 British Grand Prix out of 10

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Not my cup of cake
Valued Member
I think most of us enjoyed this race but how much?

Your chance to vote.
I gave it an 8 - two cock-ups (Raikkonen's on lap one and the FIA's re the DRS zone) creating a race where none seemed likely.
8 out 10 but it is beginning to worry me that races are now introducing 3 DRS zones to promote overtaking. The nature of the circuit where it presents overtaking and close wheel to wheel racing means there is always an accident that could happen due to the resurfaced track being a bit bump as well

We were at one stage possibly seeing 6 cars fighting for the lead before Vettel got away and that was it
I struggled on this one, when i reflect on how little Vettel did for most of the race, then how Hamilton was gifted so much of his i gave it 8
Terrific recovery drive from Hammy. The split strategy on tyres at the end was gripping.

I loved every second.

8, elevated from a 7 due to Vettel winning. Watched the first 28 laps then had to go out but managed to stay away from the news and saw the rest in the evening. Watching the Ferrari / Merc / Ferrari / Merc battle after the second restart was superb. Vettel overtaking Bottas was a nice move, and I enjoyed Verstappen holding off Kimi earlier.
Should I give it a high score because of the frantic laps towards the end or should I give it a low score because, to be honest, until the safety car there wasn't a lot really going on. Hmm.
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