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Super Hero And All Round Good Guy
Good race lots of action. Enjoyed the split strategy. I think this is now my second favorite track. Always delivers a good race.

Solid 8.
I can't help but think it was missing something. Oh that was it, a different result to ever other race this year! A mediocre 6.
I was thoroughly enjoying it then fell asleep soon after Max's spin. A big lunch with a few drinks and I was done for. I'll catch up and score ASAP.
6. Had some potential, but not a lot of fighting for results. Vettel mysteriously disappeared from any real competitive drive. Bottas was really not a whole lot better. Raikkonnen did what he had to do. The two guys who were racing hard was Hamilton and Verstappen...and Verstappen had it won until his "Senna-like" boneheaded collision with a lapped car. So, not much of a race. Ricciardo did just fine...but there was really not much of a fight for the best of the rest.

Almost tempted to rate is lower....but it was almost did develop into an interesting race.
A lapped car colliding with the leader, and Verstappen involved? +1 for bringing back memories of better times in F1.

Also, car 44 took the lead on lap 44. Coincidence? I think...so.

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