Pre-GP Quiz 2018 Austrian GP


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Okay, eyes down here we go...

1. What are the three different names that have been given to the permanent race Circuit in Austria?
Österreichring A1 Ring Red Bull Ring ( half a point if you got two of them, a point for all three)

2. The 1964 inaugural Austrian GP was held where?
Zeltweg Airfield

3. In 1982, who beat Kiki Rosberg by 0.050 in one of the closest race wins of all time?
Elio de Angelis

4. Who has had most poles at the Austrian GP?
David Coulthard with 5 poles.

5. Who has been the most successful driver at the Austrian GP in terms of wins?
Alain Prost

6.Which constructor has had most wins in Austria?

7. Which team had its first and only win here in 1975?

8. Stefan Johanson finished 7th in 1987, he competed with broken ribs. How did he get the broken ribs?
He hit a deer in practise. ( need to have stipulated it was a deer he hit to get the point)

9. Vittorio Brambilla took his only victory here in a wet race that was stopped on lap 29. What happened when he took the chequered flag?
he took his hands off the wheel to celebrate and hit the wall ( half a point if you just said he crashed, point for saying hit the wall)

10. Which future world champion made his debut at the first Austrian GP in 1964?
Jochen Rindt
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