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How did you rate the 2018 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Out Of Ten

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I gave it an 8, it was a pretty good race with plenty going on to keep me watching. Better than I expected actually.
6 from me, although it was a good race, I was sorry that the season finished as it started.
Hey Ho, there’s always next year,
7- as i dont whats happened today. As this was unusually developed into the 1st interesting gp in abu dhabi since 2012. it delayed me making a cake by an hour as I was like well by lap 20 it will slow down. but it stayed intriguing until lap 40#

also would've given it an 8 but bloody gasly let me down. I had proper money bet on Vettel to finish on podium, Leclerc & Gasly finishing in the points at 9/2. vettel was 2nd Leclerc was 7th & gasly was 10th with 5 laps to go. then gasly bloody engine let go for 2nd day in a row :givemestrength:
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last year I gave a zero because it made me :sleeping:but this year I managed to watch the race from start to finish and it was good ADGP because the safety car and the mixed strategies where some went longer to overcut others made it interesting with a few passing moves so a 7.5 for me. The race petered out once Verstappen got oil on his visor from his future teammate Gasly which meant he could not chase Vettel
6. An enjoyable race that fizzled out in the end. It would have been hire but there was absolutely nothing riding on it in the end.

Almost got an extra point for the combinded burn outs on the way back to the pits. Loved that bit.
5. The race had its moments of drama and suspense, but in the end nothing really memorable happen. I guess the highlights of the race were Hulkenberg flipping and Verstappen's "passing move" on Ocon.

Can't wait until Ocon gets a ride.
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