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How did you rate the 2017 Russian GP out of Ten

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1. For Bottas' win

Zero overtakes in the pinnacle of motorsport is disgusting. This track needs to go.
Would have been a 3, but +1 for a Bottas win. Pretty dire race.
[edit] I changed to 3. That was a terrible race.
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I was listening as I was rebuilding a motorbike engine. The last few laps made me stop and watch, maybe a 3, dunno can't really say as I wasn't paying enough attention to the rest of it...

There was tension at the end. The race wasn't decided by qualifying.

This race could have got up to 10 if someone showed Putin the respect he truly deserves.
Any sport should have a sense of competition and tension: This 'race' had neither.

I'd settle for no overtaking if it looked like they were trying to overtake.

Alonso could justify leaving F1 from sheer boredom: No need to blame the McHonda anymore.
5 is score from me.
Today race was not less interesting if compare with Australia.
It is not guilty of this circuit that present cars are so "stable".
The amount of fighting and overtaking in the support races confirms it

P.S. After set my rate I decided to see ranking on the f1fanatic.co.uk rank.
And understand that I don't far from reality
f1fanatic 416 scorers - average is 5,11 for Russia GP race
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It tough for me to score as it really was of 2 halves (or 2/3 & 1/3) as til 35 i was wondering if it was possible to vote 0 or less. But The Bottas & vettel battle was fantastic to watch & very tense just scraped it to a 5
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