Pre-GP Quiz 2017 Mexican Grand Prix


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1) Before its return in 2015, the Mexican Grand Prix had been run for two stints, one broadly in the 60s and the other broadly in the Ayrton Senna era. Which of those stints had more Grands Prix in Mexico?

The 60s.
There were eight GPs between 1963-70, but only seven from 1986-92

2) Moises Solana finished 11th in the 1963 Mexican Grand Prix, becoming the first driver to race in car #13 in a World Championship race. What is the best result Pastor Maldonado achieved with car #13 in 2014-15.

7th - in Canada, Austria and Russia in 2015

3) Ricardo Rodriguez started on the front row in his Formula One debut at Monza in 1961. Of the five Ferraris on show, which was the lowest qualifier?

6th. Von Trips, Rodriguez, Ginther and Phil Hill made up the top 4, but Graham Hill outqualified Baghetti.

Half point for 5th, 7th or 8th.

4) Rodriguez died at the circuit that now (half-)bares his name in the non-Championship Mexican Grand Prix in 1962. Which Lotus driver was disqualified from the event, so jumped into a team-mate's car and won it?

Jim Clark.

5) Pedro Rodriguez won two World Championship Grands Prix: the season-opening South African Grand Prix on 2nd January 1967 and the Belgian Grand Prix in 1970. Which long-lived F1 constructor withdrew from both?

McLaren - the Belgian GP coming soon after Bruce's death

6) From 34 starts in 2017, how many points finishes have Force India had?

30! Only Mercedes have done better!

Three-quarter points 28-32
Half points 27 or 33
Quarter point 26 or 34

7) Perez last lead a Grand Prix on lap 26 of the 2014 Austrian Grand Prix. Which driver succeeded him as leader and won the race?

Nico Rosberg

8) Assuming Pierre Gasly returns, he will become the 2nd driver to come back to a North American round having chased a different series this season. What was Alonso's result at the Canadian Grand Prix?

He retired with an engine failure. Of course.
He was classified 16th. Point for either 16th or DNF

9) What is Sergio Perez' best result of this season so far?

4th, in Spain

10) What has happened at every Mexican Grand Prix since 1987, with the sole exception of 1989 - where McLaren cocked-up an Alain Prost pit-stop?

A one-two.

Valteri, get on it!
6 - pretty happy with that brilliant fact on Q10, 1 of my best results of the season I think :D:1st:

although I will say if anybody doesn't get a point for Q8, then you need a long hard look at yourself & wonder if you actually paid attention for last 3 years LOL
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