Pre-GP Quiz 2017 British Grand Prix quiz


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Sorry if this quizz is a little early. I'm away all next week then straight down to Silverstone, so I thought it best to get it posted.
The theme of the quizz is 'The British GP' :thumbsup: It's my first quizz :o, so if you all score ten out of ten, or zero out of ten, I'll realise I pitched it wrong. :dunno:
So here we go. Good luck.


Which four tracks have hosted a British GP? Quarter of a point for each one.

Aintree, Brands Hatch, Brooklands, Silverstone

Question 2:

How many British drivers have won the British Grand Prix?



Silverstone hosted the first official Formula One Grand Prix in which year?


Question 4:

In the 2008 British GP, how many times did Felipe Massa spin?


Question 5:

Who broke both his legs in the 1986 Grand Prix? ( I resisted a bad taste joke about being legless)

Jacques Laffite ( I also resisted saying 'footloose and fancy free' & other 'feet' jokes)

Question 6:

In the GP2 support race for the 2006 British Grand Prix, one Lewis Hamilton made a double overtake coming out of the Maggots/Beckett complex. Name the two drivers he overtook. Half a point for each one.

Piquet, Piccione

Question 7:

Name the man of cloth who disrupted the 2003 British Grand Prix?

Cornelius Horan ( half a point for first name, half a point for surname) 'Priest' does NOT count as his name!

Question 8:

What percentage of a Silverstone lap do the drivers spend at full throttle?


Question 9:

Who set the fastest lap in F1 history at Silverstone in 1985, a record that stood for 17yrs ?

Kiki Rosberg


Only two tracks have hosted more Grand Prix than Silverstone. Name them. Half a point for each one.

Monza, Monte Carlo

Yes it did cross my mind to do that....but I thought this would be easy. :snigger:
Perhaps because I knew the answers. :D
And because on other quizzes, I do very, very badly.
But I will beat that in mind .....if I'm ever allowed to do another quizz. :o
Of course you're allowed to do more quizzes; everyone is allowed to do quizzes at any time.

When I left the moderating team, this was the quality control flowchart:

I presume it has not yet been withdrawn, cider_and_toast.
I need to give myself a bloody good slap as I missed the Austrian GP quiz. Forgot I had that one. I will fix that ASAP.
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