2017 Belgian Grand Prix Out Of Ten

How did you rate the 2017 Belgian Grand Prix Out Of Ten

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Brilliant race tight at the front all the way some great action in the midfield. Perez a total knob.
Hamiltons pass on Kimi a personal highlight. AND a safety car restart.

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I'm really torn on this one as there were plenty of incidents and the safety car closing things up at the end but there was never really any doubt about the result so I'm only going to give it a 7.
I rate it based on the amount of overtakes and how excited I felt about the race in general that's why I gave Azerbaijan a 8 or 9, my highest rating this season I think. I didn't give Azerbaijan a 10, because it had too many incidents which unlike the 2011 Canadian GP were quite annoying.
I don't base it on any drivers performance, a) because I don't really have a favourite driver, except Palmer and b) because I interpret the purpose of the rating differently.

This race was given a 7 out of 10 rating, because it had some nice overtakes at the beginning, a chance of a battle between Vettel and Hamilton, certainly after the SC, and the incident between the Force India drivers which caused the field to bunch up again.

teabagyokel Well, if it has already been discussed... case closed.
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One of my favourite circuits, but it never really got going for me. Not much to talk about, but Perez needs to get a grip. That move on Ocon was seriously stupid - I can't believe no action was taken by the stewards. Not only did Ocon lose half a front wing, the right front tyre actually tagged the wall.

I like Perez, but I'd drop him for that alone.

Oh, I gave it a 6. Masterful from Lewis, and a good drive from Seb. Formula 2 was pretty decent as well.
I gave it a 5. It wasn't truly bad, it just never really got going.

I did manage to get my garage tidy whilst listening/watching it, ready for my next motorbike project though.

Which I think sums up the problem with F1, I used to sit and watch it, now it's just background noise while I do something else.
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Lots going on but for some reason I never got truly excited about it. Might be my own state of mind though. 6.

Speaking for all real Ocon fans I think Perez deserves to be banned for life and made to drive ubers from now on.
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My God! What a race!
I had to hide my face more times in that race than any yet this season. Ok. lewis was mighty, which was great for me. But Vettel was right there, and that's what made it such a nail biter.

Highlights for me......

Lewis overtaking Kimi ( I screamed, they were so close) It had to be done or Ferrari would have used Kimi to help Vettel.

The restart ( same, screaming. How did Lewis think of keeping Vettel close so he couldn't launch at the top of Eau Rouge? In the heat of all that battle) fantastic restart

Those last laps when Vettel was on the faster tyres. Eeeeks!

And highlights for the wrong reasons.......
Ocon and Perez. This has gone too far now. I blame Perez for most if it. I've always liked Perez as a driver. He was my choice to partner Lewis. But I was wrong with that. He's a selfish driver and not a team player. I think a lot of teams will discount him despite his speed because of that. Ocon has him rattled.

So points. I usually reserve 10 for a stunning race with the lead changing hands. So I should say 9 But I'm going to break my own rule and give it a ......

It was 7... by my opinion

A significant contribution was made by a couple from Force India
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