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i gave it a 3 because at lewis had ago at bottas on few occasions & FB says ive seen far worse in 2002 2004 2011 & take your pick from back end of 2013

but yes F1 ends with a whimper & maybe worst race of 2017. engines v6 v8 v10 v12 are a side note to major dirty air problem we have that needs sorting asap. whether thats ground effect
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If there was a zero I would have voted for that :oops:. Sorry but that has got to be one of the most boring races to the point where I feel:sleeping: None of the cars get close enough to each other at the front to go for an overtake.

They need to change the layout that leads onto the back straight where the tight hairpin does not allow the car behind to maintain speed with the car it tries to catch in front

Then you got the section at the end of the long straight where the tight chicane makes braking difficult and then having lost momentum , you immediately lose it at the end of the next straight :rolleyes::facepalm:

Take a look at Austin if you want to see how to design a new circuit with overtaking opportunities
Gave it a 6 despite having a nap halfway through, average race but it seems my rampant optimism has made me the highest score so far, well played Bottas!
if all you care about is the front of the field, then it was a stultifying spectacle. I rather enjoyed RoGro vs Stroll, and Alonso out-racing Felipe (yes Felipe - he is faster than you), and the latest wrestling match between Hulk & Checo. Not much more than a 5 though.
I forgot it was on until 10pm on Sunday night - decided to watch it meaning I'd have less sleep and be buggered for work the next day and then instantly regretted it.

Poor poor poor.
Oh, come on The Pits, really there was plenty of action. just because the top ten in the race were in the same order as they started (except for Ricciardo who retired but had been in the same position up till then) although Alonso rather spoilt it by getting past Massa.

There were some changes in the lower half, Grosjean, who seemed to be involved on every scrap in the race, got past Vandoorne and Stroll (who went backwards), Wehrlein made the overtake of the day, Hartley seemed to get better through the race as he gets more used to F1 and Renault forgot to do up the nuts on one of Sainz's wheels. This nearly became the accident of the day but unfortunately he managed to miss the wall in the tunnel so we didn't have a totally blockage of the pit lane, alas.

Altogether well worth two points of only because it was the final race of the season and the end of a McLaren/Honda era.
What did the official website think of the race?

Formula 1 bade farewell to 2017 amidst spectacular settings - but a less spectacular race - in Abu Dhabi on Sunday.
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