Grand Prix 2016 Singapore Grand Prix Practice, Qualifying & Race Discussion

Some people hate street circuits and some people love street circuits. I happen to be one of the people that love them. The extra skill required to navigate the walled and narrow circuit, along with the driver having to work for every pass, really appeals to me. Therefore believe it or not Singapore is always one of my favorite stops on the calendar. Bahrain and Abu Dhabi may have attempted to steel its thunder where the night race element is concerned but to me Singapore is the ideal setting for a race under the lights with the hustle and bustle of the city going on around it. The venue has given us some memorable moments and talking points over the years and I don't think this year will be much different. One of the things I love about Singapore is it tends to shake the field up and gives the driver a lot more input into whats happening.

From past races you'd probably have to say that Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso (lets forget 2008) are the best around here but Danny Ric and Jenson Button are hardly slouches either. Rosberg has had some good runs but not recently. One driver who has never look comfy round Singapore is Kimi Raikkonen, he has a tendency to hit something or someone. Its hard to tell whether Max Verstappen will be a factor or not having only been here once but his record shows that street circuits are not really his bag. I certainly think Red Bull are going to be a factor round here so will be interesting to see if Max can harness the speed he has into a good result His only race in Singapore had him refusing to move over for his team mate after strict team orders only to be praised by his team boss, who'd given the order in the first place, for disobeying it afterwards. So lets face it he probably thinks he can do whatever he likes round here.

Usually for a race win you don't see past the Mercs and certainly they'll be at the front. If Hamilton gets away in the lead he is going to be hard to beat but we saw a little blip in Monza so its possibly his recent top form may be dipping slightly. Ferrari desperately need a win and I think Vettel is probably thinking this is the best place to do it. The gap between them and Merc will have closed and if he can drive the place spot on he could beat the Mercs this time. His only problem is that the Red Bull's are thinking the exact same thing. Danny Ric is well overdue a win this season and is pretty hot round here. If both Mercedes get sluggish starts I wouldn't be 100% shocked to see a Ferrari/Red Bull battle for the win. Whilst I'm sure Toto Wolff will tell us its all about wins for Mercedes, clearly Rosberg and Hamilton have other things on their minds. Its squeaky bum time and if either of them are in front of their title rival and see Ferrari and Red Bull clearing off down the road I don't think they'll chase too hard. Even if their not I don't think they'll panic, pushing in Singapore can quite easily end up in a DNF which could turn a 2 point gap into a 20 point gap.

My dark horse for Singapore is Mclaren. As much as I enjoy the Fernando Alonso comedy hour on the team radio it would be nice to see him competing at the front again. I just hope he does it through speed and not through a 'special' strategy. Speaking of which is Pat Symond in charge of strategy over at Williams? Singapore was the place Felipe Massa really lost the 2008 title, I wonder if now he's retiring he'll have a chat with Pat about that. Jenson Button, the man who is bored with Formula 1, really has nothing to lose whatsoever this weekend and I think him and Fernando will have a nice little duel. I expect Mclaren to be the 4th best time this weekend and to probably keep pace with Kimi. I also expect Carlos Sainz to be right up there with them. Due to running the old Ferrari engine that Torro Rosso has gone more and more backwards as the season has gone on which is a really shame for Sainz who has been on top form. Singapore should level that out and I expect Carlos to take advantage of that with a strong showing. Its possible that the talented but totally dejected Kvyat could do the same but then its also possible that Kvyat won't be in the car at all and that Pierre Gasly will make his debut. Red Bull is as Red Bull does.

Love it or hate it Singapore always creates a bit of tension and whilst it probably won't be the most action filled race of the season I have a sneaky suspicion it will be one of the closest.
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I don't know if it's the heat, the humidity, the confused body clock, the unforgiving armco or the changes in light; but Singapore tends to produce mistakes.

It is a big test of endurance - it will usually approach two hours and has always produced at least one accidental Safety Car.

It's a fabulous test, and should Red Bull's performance in Monaco be indicative, not a Mercedes benefit either.
Except the architecture is stunning......especially the Bay Sands Marina. Stunning. Lots to love about the entire city as long as you don't expect it to be representative of Asia.
RasputinLives ..... Yikes Ras, whats gone wrong, I find myself agreeing with everything you say, it's like I've got a twin on the other side of the world. ROFL Like you I love street circuits, especially two, Monaco for its history and Singapore for so many other reasons. It's quick, has genuine overtaking opportunities and the cars look stunning under the lights. It's more forgiving than Monaco but the drivers still have to be on top of their game to give themselves a chance. Add to that a city like no other in the world, magic. Makes for a GP I love and look forward to every year. Can't wait Ras, enjoy. :cheers:
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Would love to be sipping a Singapore Sling in Raffles long room right now. While throwing peanut shells on the floor (it's ok, it's what you are supposed to do !!)
Give me a Manhattan anyday, or a Martini, or preferably both. Raffles long room sounds nice though. With a video loop showing highlights of recent Singapore GPs. One favourite moment has to be watching the Ferrari boys carry the hose back from Massa's car after the fuelling debacle. Classic.
I love Singapore, the race and the place. Although I believe it's not a lot like it was when we visited. Very hygienic now.
I'm expecting a great battle for 3rd in Singapore... How far back do we think Williams will be? I'm guessing that at least one of their cars won't make it out of Q1.
I think it's going to be close. The Mercedes is a terrific car in all areas, I don't think there will be a big gap like last year. And I doubt Ferrari is as strong as last year. I can see the Red Bulls on the front row though.
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I think it will be another Mercedes walkover lead by Lewis Hamilton. Low down force, high down force circuits, low power, high power circuits, the Mercedes package is just too good. Hammy is pretty sharp around the circuit as well, not sure how Nico will do.
I think that after two consecutive wins, Rosberg will be mentally buoyant, and maybe hard to beat. Hamilton is going to have to be calm and fast. Not asleep, as in the last race.
Getting off the line is going to be crucial - especially if they're picked off by a Red Bull and one starts from the second row.

I genuinely think Mercedes need 1 and 2 to be sure they'll lead into turn 1.
Love street circuits but can't stand Singapore (the race). It has a je ne sais quio that rubs me the wrong way.

As per the race, Flyaway races are Vettel specialty so I hope he does well here. The fight for the championship seems to still be on, but who are we kidding, it's just a matter of time before Hamilton shakes Rosberg and pulls away. It'll be 1. HAM, 2. VET 3. VES

Go Manor!
I think the typo is supposedly Pat Symonds unless Pat Fry is at Williams as well

Has anyone thought Red Bull might be a real threat .. last year the race in Singapore proved to be Mercedes achilles heel as they could not get the tyres to work and Ferrari and Red Bull took advantage

I am expecting Williams to struggle seeing this will be similar to Monaco where the Mclarens could feature strongly

About Singapore everything about it is spectacular ... except the race which can become a procession due to the fact there is only I real place to pass

The start and finish straight is not worth talking about because you've got nowhere to go heading into the first corner

It is the back section of the track that is more exciting although that chicane was a joke
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