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Well the prospect of a fight for the lead faded or it could of been much better. 1-4th finished how it started. Not terrible but a bit of a dull one. I did enjoy the max and Dannil fight. Middle of the road.

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At ;least we got a close finish with the last stint having the drivers racing to the limit. A cliffhanger on a crap circuit. A generous 8 for a bit of life in the WDC as Rosberg goes 8 points ahead.
Not entirely terrible - 7

Tops & Flops of the day:
5) Hamilton: bad weekend for Lewis who never seemed to impress Nico.. a wide gap in Q, a big one also on Sunday... good for him that Mercedes chose a great strategy and save a podium he didn't deserve
4) Haas: really? i mean, just look at Grosjean
3) Williams: terrible race for both of the cars.. ok Bottas got hit but Massa never really had the pace for the points... we actually expected it was going to be a difficult race for the Team
2) Verstappen: his bottom got kicked from Ricciardo for the 3rd consecutive race, he also complained with Kvyat for some defensive moves that he makes all the time... they might told him after Spa "low profile now kid" but this is tooo low for a future Legend as ax
1) FOM: the Grand Prix was good but the TV pod lost ALL of the overtakes! once again!!... luckily for me, i got Sky Italia which gives me a split screen with an onboard camera but FOM is pathetic! :spank:

7) Hulkenberg: big start, bigger unluck :friends:
6) Toro Rosso: they finally back!! they desperatly needed atleast a good performance after weeks of fights with Q1 cars
5) Kvyat: duel of the day with Verstappen and we finally see a decent Daniil on Sunday
4.1) Raikkonen: consistent flag-to-flag race for Kimi, good start, great pace, great overtake on Hamilton.. strategy screwed him a deserved podium
4.1) Vettel: a great comeback from thing but not so special as some people here in ITA describe it... i mean ok 22nd to 5th at Singapore but, at the end of the day, he passed only cars which he normally laps so not so amazing to me.. i mean, his only true enemies
3) Grand Prix: the race was much better than expected.. a crash on the start straight :o (i haven't seen one since Germany2001), then a boring period on the first pit stop window but then we got some other action at half of the race and definitively a great finish
2) Rosberg: consistent weekend from Nico who also gets back his leadership in the standings:1st:... Lewis' strategy also cost him the win... he destroyed Lewis, 3rd consecutive win, a very good championship so far
1) Ricciardo: 3rd race of the year that he could definitively win (Spain, Monaco)... he beat Verstappen up on Q and all the race long8-).. he controlled the gap with Lewis and just need ONE more lap to pass Nico and win the Grand Prix
Had there been another 10 laps, Ricciardo still may not have got past. His tyres would have been battered, dirty air would have impeded further progress, and overtaking a defensive Rosberg on a street circuit is no easy thing. Also I don't hold with the notion that he's been particularly unlucky. Monaco yes, but not Spain. Anyway, he can be pleased with his 2nd place, and standing in the paddock - clearly a top-drawer driver.

Just what happened to Hammy all weekend? Bit of a let-down. I suspect things will be different in wherever is next, Malaysia? Rosberg v Hamilton is too close to call, thank god there is something keeping the championship alive.
in my view, it's one of the greatest season ever...
great races all around the world, much better than 2015: a lot of fights, duels, overtakes, the rising of the new face of Formula1 (whenever you like him or not) in Max Verstappen, a close championship between Nico & Lewis, a great story as Team Haas, Manor comeback, Alonso the Lionheart
2008 was a last corner championship
2010 was a 5 stars for the title
2012 was the greatest one: 8 different drivers to win at least 1 race and another last lap championship
2014 was also amazing in terms of duels and entertaining races (Bahrain, Malesia, Italy, Monaco, Silverstone, China, Belgium, Japan, USA..)
the even year number almost guarantees success for F1 (2002 and 2004 are the exceptions)

Ricciardo was goin to win in Spain (he was dominating), but RB decided to choose different strategies for the 2 drivers, giving to Max a more risky but better one, imv
vintly It was like Baku where he had no rythmn for the car when it mattered most

But I felt him making reference to how costly his poor starts have been was very bad timing in terms of putting extra pressure on himself and the team
The only thing I found interesting about the race was watching Mad Max find new places to attempt passes. I think it was the most boring race of the year but my memory is terrible
Great race. Really enjoyed that one. A nice tense street circuit affair. Watching the gap tumble between Ricciardo and Rosberg on live timing at the end added real tension.

First time in a long time I've seen Hamilton/Merc hunted down and passed and then to see him switch it round to become the hunter afterwards was even more satisfying.

Loads of scraps all the way down the field. I particularly enjoyed Vettel pretty much just closing his eyes, putting his foot down and just preying he was left enough room to get past the dueling Gutteriez and Perez (?).

I think people get hung up on the number of overtakes. A fight for position can be just as exciting when there is not an overtake. See Verstappen and Kvyat for instance.

Anyways 8.
Caught the highlights which, with already knowing the result, took some sting out of it however I've gone for a 7.
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