Poll 2016 Russian Grand Prix - Out Of 10

2016 Russian Grand Prix - Out Of 10

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Hovered over the 4 button then went 5. Opening laps promised much and then it went into a lull it never recovered from. Unfortunately Pirelli offered the wrong range of tyres.
Dunno what it is about this track, it's just not visually appealing, at least on TV. All looks too new and bland, and too many fences everywhere. It's as if the track is an afterthought amidst the other buildings. Aesthetic fail compared to Austin for example.

Racing-wise a bit underwhelming. Some mid-field battles at times but I don't think this'll make the 'classic races' archive.

The tyre situation didn't help - shows how great the rules have thus far been.

As I said in the other thread, not sure they can bring the ultras to Russia because of Turn 3.

Thoroughly enjoyed Kvyat teaching Vettel what a first-lap nutter actually looks like. Some bravery around the medal plaza was nice to see.
You know it's going to be a dull race when the commentators are already talking about what Rosberg's win stats will be after the race finishes.

Track lay out is designed for lots of brilliant side by side racing but F1 cars are not.

The TV coverage was terrible too, just like past years. Too many dizzying far-away helicopter shots, too much cutting away from the 'action' to the backs of the team principal or at one point some mechanic chatting up a lady in one of the garages. Like previous years the coverage seems to improve over the period of the race, almost as if the first race director has been fired and one who knows what they're doing been brought in,

I hate this circuit too. Bland. Nearly as bad as Valencia was.
5. Not the best. Just goes to show that teams should have a free choice over their tyres for a weekend.
Not a thriller, but I enjoyed watching JB pressure Sainz into a mistake & getting the overtake done on-track, instead of waiting for the 10s time penalty to hand him 10th. I gave it a 6.
5, a handful of interesting overtakes was negated by a mainly dull race and the need for TV to concentrate on the arse-licking that seems to accompany certain GPs these days.
Went for an average 5. Started with great promise, then Vettel went out, safety car came out and everything just sort of slowed down for the rest of the race. Saved by some great scraps in the mid field towards the end but frankly they could of called the race after the safety car without much trouble :(
Bah. Started promisingly, but quickly fizzled out. The disgusting, painful scenes with Putin, Bernie and the top three nearly made me puke. Enjoyed Seb's beautiful mastery of Anglo-Saxon though. Dragged it up to a 4!
It's a good circuit with some place for overtakings.
But conservative choice Pirelli spoiled 2 of 3 races.
Sunday's race was 6.
4. This race had little excitement, pirelli's medium compound are shiite, the fight for positions was kind of ugly and the outcome the expected one. Magnussen defending his position against Ricciardo, Haas back in contention and Kimi's podium (Ferrari's 700th) are the only highlights. The last 20 laps or so were really boring, like watching paint dry.
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