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Monaco Quiz

Q1 Easy one to get you started. Who won last year?
Nico Rosberg

Q2 The Monaco Grand Prix predated the current World Championship. What year was the principality’s first ‘Grand Prix’ held? 1 point if spot on, half point if within 5 years.

Q3 Graham Hill was famously a Monaco specialist. But how many of ‘Mr Monaco’s’ 14 Grand Prix at Monaco did he win.

Q4 Who is the only man to beat Graham Hill’s record for number of wins?
Ayrton Senna with 6 wins.

Q5 What year did Mansell make a late pit stop from a dominate lead and end the race swarming all over Senna’s car giving us one of the best race finishes we have ever seen at Monaco.

Q6 Other than the practice day being on the Thursday and the podium being held on a set of steps, what aspect of the actual 78 lap race also falls short of what a ‘normal’ weekend expects.
The race is well under the FIA’s mandated 190 mile distance at just 161.887 miles.

Q7 The tunnel runs under a hotel. What's the name of the hotel?
The Fairmont Hotel.

Q8 The Fairmont hairpin taken at just 30 miles per hour is the slowest on the F1 calendar. Over the years it has had 2 other names. Name them for half a point each.
Grand Hotel hairpin. Loews hairpin.

Q9 After the race the top 3 don’t go to parc ferme, they park on the pit straight to give easy access to the Royal box for the podium ceremony. Who forgot this in 2009 and had to go for a jog to pick up his trophy?
Jenson Button.

Q10 What year did Lewis get his only win at Monaco?

How did you do?
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