Poll 2016 Monaco Grand Prix - Out of Ten

How did you rate the Monaco Grand Prix Out of Ten?

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I'm going to give it a 7. It's a shame when we need rain to make a race good but it started well and then petered out. Best Monaco GP for quite a few years.
7 Good for Monaco. I wasn't to bored ,not once the race had started, anyway. Pity about Ricciardo though.
I gave it a 7.6 rounded up to an 8 as, for Monaco I didn't feel the need to slit my wrists until lap 62
Decent race which for Monaco is amazing. Can we arrange for a wet track here every year. Oh and whilst we are at it can we fire Charlie Whiting he clearly isn't of sound mind. 7 laps under the safety car was mad.

7 from me. Great job by Hamilton, Ricciardo quite rightly miffed to be let down by the team. Very pleased for Force India!
9, tense race all around, as well as actual racing through the field, plus brave strategy calls and botched pit stops, what more do you want!? Seven laps under the safety car though... what?! And the Tele Monte Carlo race director should be sacked, what he was doing watching Alonso coast to the finish instead of the Rosberg/Hulkenberg battle was just one of many awful decisions
7. The virtual safety car worked really well. This could've been a terrible race without it. Also the safety car start went on too long.
Solid drive from Hamilton but I should wait until tomorrow to post my vote. Right now it's a 5. Gutted for Ricciardo and after the first third of the race it was pretty much follow the leader.
Really enjoyed it. Loads of action, tense. I was watching in a bar and let out a couple of screams. The best Monacco for a long time. Great strategy decisions, mess ups, crashes, safety cars VSC's and rain
Great performances by Hamilton, Ricciardo and Perez. And towards the end it wasn't certain what order the first four would finnish in. Obviously I'm pleased Hamilton won, he needs those points badly, but also gutted for Ricciardo, that's was cruel.
Poor performances from Kimi, Rosberg, Kvyat and it must be said this weekend also Verstappen.

Also too long under the safety car at the start.

I'm giving it a 9 . It was a tense two hours.
Fantastic. For any other GP I'd have given it an 8 but considering this was Monaco and how much a driver has to lift his game to win or make the podium at the Principality I gave it a very big 9. More GP's like this one please. :)
Pretty much as expected at Monaco, little real over-taking, follow-the-leader most of the way.
Good result for Hamilton, due mainly to RBR cock-up and Rosberg gremlins for a change.

Would have been a 5 if I thought he'd actually meant it when he called NR a gentleman for doing as he was told by team. :thinking:--:no:
I gave it a 6. About as high as I'll go for Monaco in any year and at least this year I didn't fall asleep during the middle. Feel awful for Ricciardo, he was clearly the fastest driver all weekend.
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