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Frustrating. Long periods where there didn't seem to be any hope of anything interesting happening. I was going to give it a 3 but the ending bumped it to a 4.
I was hooked throughout, wondering how will it end with the different tyre strategies and the top 5 really close. Gave it an 8.
Unfortunately Pirelli brought the wrong tyres, the mediums lasted far longer than expected. After such a long first stint by Vettel I thought that the other front runners would surely have to make another stop with him managing to hang on for a possible win. I would like to read the report of the Pirelli engineers on the state of the tyres at the end if the race. No visible signs of wear maybe?
There were battles and potential battles and drivers catching other drivers and swearing on the radio and unknown strategies to keep you guessing, and a Lewis win-I give it an 8 but would have bumped that 1 point for every car between Lewis and Nico
An F1 race that was pretty uneventful up until the last few laps of craziness and spoilt-brat antics for the minor places, although the anti-Hammy group may have screamed at the screen (all race) because of the first corner.

English Premier League football now depends more on mildly controversial refereeing decisions, and the ensuing manager/player tantrums, than it does on skill and excitement during the match.

I'm not sure which is mimicking which any more. :dunno:
Great entertainment - even the mid-race lull was watchable. A few more overtakes and Verstappen overtaking Rosberg would've made it an 8 for me, so a respectable 7 it is.
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