Grand Prix 2016 Italian Grand Prix Practice, Qualifying & Race Discussion

Corsa Rossa. Generations of red machines. There have been Alfa Romeos, and Lancias, and Maseratis, and even Dallaras carrying the most famous of all liveries. The flame of Italian motorsport is, as it has been for more than half a century, brought back home to Monza in the possession of Scuderia Ferrari. None there doubt what the statistics suggest, that it is the greatest team in the history of Formula One.

These are not glory days for Ferrari. 2016 will be remembered as the year of censored team radio messages; frustration has been the key word for them this year. They thought they came in to this season close to Mercedes, but they're yet to snaffle a win - they should have won in Australia and they could have won in Canada, but it hasn't occurred. In fact, Monza probably represents their last chance to get near the silver machines, before the more technical circuits later on favour Red Bull's rapidly improving chassis.

The win will surely go to Mercedes, barring blunder or misfortune. Lewis Hamilton's remarkable damage limitation run in Belgium will feel like a win. He keeps a championship lead from a team-mate whose chance of ever winning the world title may well be extinguished this autumn. Before the summer break Rosberg was driving with increasing desperation; unchallenged in Belgium, his title credentials nonetheless took a beating.

Despite good form for Red Bull and particularly Daniel Ricciardo, the long straights of the Monza track threaten to hamper the Austrian team's progress. They're likely to battle with Ferrari. Traditionally, Force India are strong at Monza; their form at both Baku and Spa suggests that that will once again be the case this year. They seem to have an edge on Williams at such events.

The star of the show, as always, is Monza itself. Most people within F1 will hope that the circus returns here for 2017, no deal has been done. This circuit practically bleeds with history; it is older than the Circuit de Monaco and has held more Championship Grands Prix. It is now the ultimate test of top speed in the Formula One calendar, and is the site of the top 6 fastest races in terms of high average speed (and 21 of the top 23). Formula One's bosses have shown that they consider nothing indispensable, and that they consider the money will always keep flowing in. Hopefully, F1 at Monza will avoid the dustbin of history, and an early chapter in a future book called 'How F1 Died'.
I love Monza. That is all.

Ahh that's not all, it reminds me that I have a rather splendid high-resolution image of Vettel going through the Ascari chicane from 2013 (my favourite driver through my favourite corner). You can see the rubber being laid down – he was able to get on the power earlier than anyone through there apparently, so says my acquaintance who took the picture.

And here it is. If anyone wants the high-res let me know.
In 1968, Grand Prix cars first sprouted rudimentary aerodynamic wings. Ferrari's legendary Chief Engineer, Mauro Forghieri, refined the feature for the team's home race at Monza, a hydraulic system allowing the driver to raise and lower the wing via a lever in the cockpit. Yes, a primitive drag reduction system.


The late Chris Amon was running second in the race when one of the hydraulic lines ruptured, spraying hydraulic fluid on to the rear tyres. He spun at the second Lesmo, the car vaulting over the barrier and into the woods. Miraculously, in a season plauged by horrific and fatal accidents, Amon escaped unharmed, with scarcely a bruise.

The unluckiest Grand Prix driver of all time? Perhaps something to reflect on while watching the action this weekend.
Merc wiping the floor with everyone in FP1, super soft tyres or not.

Ferrari have rolled the dice with their last engine upgrade tokens for 2016 but are still half a second off Mercedes. Might just pull them ahead of Red Bull, for Monza at least.
love monza you can just feel the history oozing out of the tv. didnt know til i watched gp2 that when it was opened it was 1 of 3 permanent f1 circuits brooklands & indianapolis. so glad its just been confirmed thru bbcf1 that monza have announced a new 3 yr deal. because if f1 had any common sense which we doubt at times they just bending over backwards to make sure we dont lose these amazing circuits like Monaco, Monza, Silverstone, Spa & Suzuka. as where else would you get this

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what have Haas done with Gutierrez's car because he 's been the quicker Haas driver for the last series of races despite not having a seat for next year?
You mean more like from Hamilton ..he's in a league of his own... I wonder if Bernie is going to try and pull a few strings to peg Mercedes and Hamilton
Just brilliant from LewisHamilton what a lap nearly 1/2 sec faster his teammate. pure domination & in a different league.

Just like 2014 & 2015 rosberg isnt quick to beat Hamilton over a season on equal footing simple. He needs lewis to have bad luck to keep in contention because in straight fight lewis will win 9/10 times. & i said in Spain thats what cause the accident because deep down nico knows that & his desperation to stay in front cost everyone
Ideal Lap (sum best sectors) in the Qual:
Qual – No – Driver – Qual Result – Ideal Lap – Flaw
1 - 44 - L.HAMILTON - 01:21,135 - 01:21,077 - 00,058
2 - 6 - N.ROSBERG - 01:21,613 - 01:21,517 - 00,096
3 - 5 - S.VETTEL - 01:21,972 - 01:21,887 - 00,085
4 - 7 - K.RAIKKONEN - 01:22,065 - 01:22,020 - 00,045
5 - 77 - V.BOTTAS - 01:22,388 - 01:22,333 - 00,055
6 - 3 - D.RICCIARDO - 01:22,389 - 01:22,352 - 00,037
7 - 33 - M.VERSTAPPEN - 01:22,411 - 01:22,379 - 00,032
8 - 11 - S.PEREZ - 01:22,814 - 01:22,751 - 00,063
9 - 27 - N.HULKENBERG - 01:22,836 - 01:22,806 - 00,030
10 - 21 - E.GUTIERREZ - 01:23,184 - 01:22,856 - 00,328
Although the Mercs will disappear away at the green light we might see some action for the final place on the podium with the Ferrari's and Red Bull's having a bit of a battle.
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