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How did you rate the 2016 Italian Grand Prix out of ten?

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Despite the long straights the track has proven to be very difficult to pass even with DRS at the front

The tyres did not help either but it was a very dull race and Hamilton made a mess of the start and the hope he would team through did not happen

It would have been interesting to see where Button would have finished had he not been forced off at the first corner by the Saubers
Slightly disappointing but still a 5 from me. Hoped for more action after Hammy's poor start but I'll settle for three hours of viewing F1 with a couple of beers on a Sunday!
Pleased Nico won, as it at least keeps the championship interesting, but it was a very dull 2. When the best overtaker bar none struggles to make headway, then something is very wrong. Having said that, Ricciardo's overtake on Bottas was tidy.

GP2 was slightly more fun.
Like the the whole season ..... and the last ...... and so many of this digital error?
Predictable 1-2 finish for Mercedes became a 30 second period of uncertainty, followed by a ....
.... Predictable 1-2 finish for Mercedes. :sleeping:

Only about 20 people can be bothered to vote, and comments total only just into double figures.

No wonder that even Bernie (now he's buried all the loot) is finally deserting the sinking ship?
Your usual knocking of F1 has come over a week late this time round ramilas1 are you maybe tired of coming here to tell us everything is shite?

By the way. You're not Jacques Villenurve are you? Would explain a lot.
Had only gotten back from holiday
- and even with a cold beer in hand, in a bar in Zaki .... Zaka .... Zaky ..... in Greece, yes F1 is still shite.

My sincerest apologies for voicing an opinion - probably just **** off now, after voting of course!
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No need to apologise. You're welcome to bang your drum. I just wonder if you hate it so much why do you watch? Serious question. I think if I felt the same way as you I'd prob have stopped putting myself through the pain by now.
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