Poll 2016 Hungarian Grand Prix - Out Of Ten

How did you rate the 2016 Hungarian Grand Prix out of ten?

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Super Hero And All Round Good Guy
Well I had match sticks holding my eyes open after the first 10 laps. Real shame the Red Bulls couldn't do more I thought for a moment we had a real race on our hands. But no, just a dull fest.

The first lap and the Max / Kimi fight the only thing stopping this being even lower.

Pretty awful. pirelli tyres gone too far no one can push anymore as brundle would say its more babysitting & in 2017 they have to sort out the understeer in dirty air problem
Missed a chunk of it on TV so had to listen to Radio Five. Seemed dull in both formats. Once Hamilton took the lead on the first lap my wife summed it up neatly when she turned to me and said "well that's the race over then."

A 4.
5. Not a great race as the winner was decided by the end of the 1st corner. Could have done with the same weather conditions for the race as that had for qualifying, would have made the race far more exciting.
Watched the first lap, then on lap 2 caught up on my recordings of the Tour de France, checked in on the last lap and nothing had changed other than Kimi making up a few positions.

Even though Sky are making a lot about the Mercedes battle, this season has truly been as dull as when Schuey was dominating.

Gave it a 2 as Froome won.
Lewis win an automatic 10 with me as is well known, but I really can understand why many would give it a 4 or 5, and considered it to be dull.
I actually misread your post Lewy, thought you said 'can't understand'.

For me I love racing, supporting a driver adds to the experience not the other way around.
I gave it a 3/10. Should have been lower because a Merc won but that's for another day. I also thought of a 10/10 because this race highlighted everything wrong with F1 these days. The sport is owned by one team, Mercedes. The cars are such that passing is virtually impossible unless there are waved blue flags. The radio rules are ridiculous, (what did Button really do). Seb said it after the race there are too many silly penalties and too many silly rules. At the end of the day the fans want to see racing. Something that F1 and the FIA do not seem to have a friggin clue.
I should have added that the only reason that I voted as high as 10 was because Alonso actually deserved this points, there were rarely any laps where he was slower than the drivers below him. A shame about Button, he might have bumped it up to 5.
I gave it a 6 but then remembered the farce of JB's penalty so it probably should be a five. Anyway, it had so much potential for good battles and none of them delivered!? Lewis' tyres not working was probably the only thing that prevented him and Nico lapping the field. However, caught up on some sleep instantly post race so it's all good
The good F1 races are soooo good, but that wasn't one of them. As impressive as it is to drive that fast and not crash, a procession is a procession. Humbug. 4.
It was dull, but I'm in 35c heat with a beer and a stunning view so 5/10
How did you rate the 2016 Hungarian Grand Prix out of ten, ... with extra points for your personal location and ambience?

A whole new poll every race, so the Hammy fans can score it 11? .... or 12? .... or 3,267,003 just 'cos LH won. :spank:
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Lewywo4 - You admitted it was poor, yet still gave it a 10. Which means it couldn't possibly be improved.

If you tell me you feel that a snoozefest such as that was more enjoyable than, say, Canada 2011 or Brazil 2012 or Hungary 2014, just because the 'wrong' driver won, then you are not a fan of Formula One.

If you tell me you feel that a snoozefest such as that was equally enjoyable to Japan 2007, GB 2008 or China 2011, just because the same guy win it, then you are not appreciating Lewis Hamilton for his skills and talents.
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