2016 Formula One Awards


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Hold on, can we present these before Vienna?
Well, whatever he says, means nothing to me.
And these mean nothing to the recipients, but here goes...

Award for Ruthless Driver Management: Red Bull - for Verstappen and Kvyat

Award for Most ****ing Swearing: Sebastian ****ing Vettel

Fernando Alonso Award for Taking an Early Season Holiday: Fernando Alonso

Democratic Party Award for Insanity in Strategy: Ferrari, in Australia in particular, but pretty much everywhere else too...

Hamilton & Massa 2011 Award for Feud of the Year: Sebastian Vettel and Max Verstappen

Surprisingly Shit In Hindsight Start to the Season: Force India

Award for Being Really Good at the First Couple of Races then Doing Bugger All Since: Romain Grosjean and Haas

Count Dracula Award for Not Nailing Down the Coffin Yet: Kimi Raikkonen

Award for Most Easily Disprovable Lie: Nico Rosberg, for Nicosteer in Germany

Mark Webber Cup: Lewis Hamilton

Alain Prost Cup for Not Bothering to Try To Beat Him: Nico Rosberg

Remember Him Award: His name is Rio/He lasted 'till July

Coupe Simon Le Bon: Rio Haryanto

One Race, One Point Award: Stoffel Vandoorne

Sebastian Vettel Award for Blowing A Tyre: Sebastian Vettel, Austria.

David Coulthard Award for Insane Devotion to Team Orders When Driving For The Only Team That's Going to Win Anything: Nico Rosberg, Monaco

Senna & Prost Cup: Rosberg & Hamilton, Spain

Bruno Senna & Nico Prost Cup: Ericsson & Nasr, Monaco

Senna in Monaco 1984 Award for Not Winning A Race in the Wet Despite Being Bloody Awesome: Max Verstappen, Brazil

Food & Drink Hygiene Awards: Daniel Ricciardo

"Yes, I Did Beat My Team Mate, Thanks for Noticing" of the Year: Daniel Ricciardo

Giancarlo Fisichella Award for Incorrect Podium: 3rd step, Mexico.

Friends Like These Cup: Daniel Ricciardo, Red Bull, Spain and Monaco.

Jean-Louis Schlesser Cup: That Malaysia Engine

Motorsport Forum Moderators' Award: That Malaysia Engine

Garmin Award for Needing a SatNav: Lewis Hamilton, tourist in Baku.

Jenson Button Award for Joking Through the Pain: Jenson Button

Award for Being Slightly Less Shit, but not Nearly Enough Less Shit to not be Shit: McLaren-Honda

Biocontinuance Accomplishment Aggregatisation Endowment: Ron Dennis

Award for Reminding Everyone It's Wet: Jolyon Palmer, Monaco

Award for Properly Right-Scotching Your Drivers' Reputations by Being Shit: Renault

Award for Clearly not Giving The First Fifth of a Shit What Anyone Thinks of Him: Max Verstappen

Deserving of the Luck Racing of the Year: Ricciardo and Verstappen in Malaysia.

Most Inauspicious Start to a Bloody Brilliant Day: Nico Rosberg, Malaysia.

Fernando. Is. Not. Faster. Than. You. But. He. Is. Still. Somehow. Beating. You. In. The. Championship. Award: Felipe Massa

Award for Winning In the Slowest Possible Time: Hamilton, Abu Dhabi

Curva do Sol 2003 Award for Being the Only Wet Piece of Track on Circuit: Abbey

Renault Mass Damper Award for Mid-Season Rule Change: Radio Gaga

Most Insane Rule of the Year: Knockout Qualifying

Most Insane Second Try of the Year: Knockout Qualifying IN RACE TWO!

Most Irritatingly Ubiquitous Team Principal of the Year: Christian Horner

McLaren-Honda Award for Engine Penalties: Fernando Alonso, at Spa

Holy Shit Moment of the Year: KMag crashing at Raidillon!

Convenient Red Flag of the Year: Alonso and Hamilton after KMag crashed at Raidillon!

Deserved World Champion: Nico Rosberg. Yes, he is.
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