Poll 2016 European Grand Prix - Out of Ten

How did you rate the European GP out of 10?

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Promised so much and delivered an absolute snoozefest.

If it wasn't for the banter in chat I would have been firmly asleep.

Really dull. And made worse by attempting to compete with Le Mans, which was brilliant.

3. Because there were a couple of overtakes.
Damn that was disappointingly boring.

One observation: this track would be a lot better without the second DRS zone between turn 2 and 3. (Or at least a second DRS detection point between turn 1 and 2). Currently, drivers are mostly overtaking at/before turn 1. and then getting DRS to help defend their position on the straight between 2 and 3. Without this we should at least get some interesting back and forward position exchanges.
I gave it a 6, lots of overtakes, drafting, got a bit dull towards the end, and PC problems afflicting some drivers and poo radio rules but not terrible for a new circuit.
Wow, how glad am I that I only caught the last 9 laps. Seems like this will take some beating as poorest race of the season judging by the scores. Due to my lack of viewing over the whole weekend I won't be voting.
Good start but fizzelled out. I do like the track but the race was just dull.

A slightly generous 5 just for the overtaking at the start.
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Two for the race and two because Baku looked pretty. Some may recall I wasn't much of fan of Jenson Button in his Championship year, although that view has mellowed now, I now feel that Nico Rosberg is the dullest driver in F1. His faux excitement when he wins is SOOO boring.
A disappointing 4. After the excitement and carbon fibre fest of GP2 it was like they were all out for a Sunday drive - which, of course, they were. They could probably ditch DRS for this track.
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