Grand Prix 2016 Austrian Grand Prix Practice, Qualifying & Race Discussion

With 6 races in 8 weekends this summer, if ever there was a more appropriate sponsor for the 3rd race through this F1 endurance marathon it's Red Bull. We have arrived wide eyed and with the caffeine jitters back in Speilberg, Austria at The Red Bull Ring.

With around 10,000 miles traveled in the last 21 days the teams will be happy they are back in central Europe and may even be organised enough with there upcoming 'weekend off' into bringing some upgrade tweaks for the back to backs of Austria and Great Britain. Eyes peeled everyone for twiddly bits and go-faster stripes.

The race track is one of the shorter ones on the calendar at just 2.684 miles which gives us a beefy 71 lap race. A meer shadow of it's earlier 3.6mile iteration between 1977-1995, but we moo-ve on (bull joke for you there...sorry)

Last years race saw Lewis take pole in 1.08.455. It didn't help him in the race however as he made a poor get away (yup again) and Nico passed him into the first corner resulting in a follow the leader snooze fest up front for the remainder of the race. Williams have some form here with their front row lock out in 2014 and taking a podium 3rd place in both 2014 and 2015 they are certainly a dark horse to keep an eye on. Seb had a wheel nut problem last year which arguably robbed him of 3rd. Alonso will be hoping he can make it around the first lap without mounting Kimi as he did last year in what could of been a very serious crash. Actually with a DNF in 2014 as well, he will be hoping to simply finish.

So to this years race, Nico will be keen as mustard to build on his win in Baku, building on his earlier form and rebuilding that gap to Lewis. If he does take the win he will make it 3 wins in row at The Red Bull Ring, maintaining his record of being the one and only (F1) winner at this new iteration of the Speilberg track.

It's hard to see past a Mercedes win but the Ferraris have looked much improved since their token free 'reliability (in no way faster) upgrade' to their turbo. Who knows the Red Bull home advantage could finally kick in as well in what has been a poor event for them, finishing just 8th in 2014 and 10th last year. But if I was to have a cheeky each way bet it would be on Williams. I've just got a feeling.

Nico has rebuilt his championship lead to a snifter off a full win haul in points with 24 points clear. Seb is knocking on the back door just through shear consistency just 21 points behind Lewis. It certainly keeps the championship interesting, if Nico had lost the championship lead in Baku I can't help feel it would of been a slippy slope for him.

The CTA massive scored this one a 5.5 out of 10 in 2015 but a healthier 7 out of 10 in 2014.
I think we are well overdue a stonker so fingers crossed Spielberg can deliver.

Kimi & Alonso crash from last year.

TV times.
What baguettes, aren't baguettes those long thin french loaves, that old men with caps on and onions round their necks, cycle round France with?
Is that what they're calling the yellow rumble strips then ? I suppose they are a bit baguette shaped.
Does anybody know whether we'll be getting another Legends' Parade, like we did in the past two years at the 'ring?


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Incubus apparently yes at 12:40 Austrian time

Lewis might be have a bad day. But it just got a bit better. Suspected suspension wishbone failure & probably 5 place penalty just as i thought Nico rosberg was on a lap that I believe was about to become the 1st man in Austrian GP history to dip underneath 1:07
Now THAT would be fantastic. Please make it happen! And what ever you do, Dear God DON'T put a stupid chicane in the middle of the Troch curve!

Old Osterreichring loop could return to Red Bull Ring for F1 2017

Just seen on twitter from 1 of the f1 journalists. Red Bull reveal the circuit could be extended after this race - but not without a few corners/chicanes to mitigate any power disadvantage.

Ive no idea why red bull would want to add few chicanes to the red bull ring to close any power advantage another leading German team might have :whistle:
Great finish to qualifying absolutely loved it. Brilliant lap from Lewis (& nico) because they couldve been anywhere in that top 10 with the rate of evolution. I dont want to take anything from the outstanding lap from JB a week too early probably to have a brit 1st & 3rd :D. But That surely another nail in kimis hopes of 2017 drive at Ferrari because too many times hes not only beaten constantly by his teammate but also by "lesser" machinery perez in baku & now button in Honda supposed to have worst engine on the power based circuit

Star of qualifying Undoubtedly is weirlein & what a way to answer some criticism12th place some needs to give manor Some tissues because they going to get nosebleed theyre that high up. Still have no sympathy for Kyvat or any driver yes car failure which is unfortunate but my view wont change as shouldn't have been out there. He was all 4 wheels over kerb nevermind track

Amazing stat, that before this weekend the fastest ever lap at the A1/Red Bull ring (Schumacher 03 1:07.908) wouldnt have been enough to get you out of Q1 this yr V10 > V6
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No penalty for Hulkenberg, who therefore retains his front-row spot.

Unlike Palmer and Haryanto who both get 3-place grid drops as a result of yellow flag offences. (Adam Cooper's twitter)
FIA Provisional Starting grid for Austrian race:
1 - Hamilton
2 - Hulkenberg
3 - Button
4 - Raikkonen
5 - Ricciardo
6 - Rosberg
7 - Bottas
8 - Verstappen
9 - Vettel
10 - Massa

It is very strange:
Rosberg was 2 and +5 place grid penalties must be equal 7
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That's due to the fact that Vettel's penalty was incurred before Rosberg's..

So the re-adjusted grid once penalties are included means Nico loses five place but regains one after Vettel's penalty..
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if its dry this is Hamilton's race if it rains then its a lottery but the track dries really fast so someone like Button and Hulkenberg may only have a small moment to take advantage of it
That's due to the fact that Vettel's penalty was incurred before Rosberg's..
So the re-adjusted grid once penalties are included means Nico loses five place but regains one after Vettel's penalty..
Why is Rosberg's penalty before Vettel's penalty?

After qulification:
Rosberg was 2
Vettel was 4
Difference is 2.
Penalty is identicaly for both driver, +5 place.

Now on the grid:
Rosberg is 6
Vettel is 9
Difference is 3.
It is ridiculous math from the FIA
So the last lap ends with a coming together. Having seen the on-board camera views Nico has a hell of a lot of explaining to do.

On a positive note we had a rare overtake for the lead and Manor scored a point.
He's under investigation for driving a damaged car rather than causing a collision, right? Not sure how he had the gall to blame Lewis. Steve Matchett called it 2 laps ahead that it would be better for Nico if they both didn't finish than Lewis to win, he didn't seem to be in any doubt that Nico meant for them to have a shunt.
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