Pre-GP Quiz 2015 Russian Grand Prix

Jos the Boss

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After Putin off the Japanese Quiz for so long, I've decided to quit Stalin so I won't be Russian to do this another day, so here we go!

1. The Russian Grand Prix was run twice before in St Petersburg but which constructor won both?

Benz, I'll accept Mercedes

2. Moscow hosted a race in 2012 for Formula Renault 2.0, which current F1 driver won it?

Dany Kvyat

3. Vitaly Petrov was the first Russian driver but what was his best Championship finish in Formula 1?


4. How many points did he score in his best finish?

37, half a point for 35, 36, 38 or 39

5. Hungary became the first communist country to host a race, where was Petrov's best finish there?

Fifth, in 2010

6. Four drivers received five place grid penalties in the 2014 race. Name them.

Kevin Magnussen, Nico Hulkenberg, Max Chilton and Pastor Maldonado

7. Who holds the lap record at Sochi?

Valterri Bottas

8. Excluding the race, which was the only session Lewis Hamilton wasn't fastest in?

Free Practice 1

9. Who was the first driver who qualified in the top 10 that didn't finish in the top 10?

Jean-Eric Vergne

10. Race day sees the birthday of which driver who finished second in the 1956 British Grand Prix?

Alfonso Antonio Vicente Eduardo Angel Blas Francisco de Borja Cabeza de Vaca y Leighton, Alfonso de Portago for short
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