Pre-GP Quiz 2015 Chinese Grand Prix Quiz


Podium Finisher
1. Race day sees 73rd birthday of notable non-champion. Who?
Carlos Reutemann

2. Which circuit was planned to have Chinese Grand Prix in the late 1990s?

3. In 2005 Shanghai held the final race of the season. It was the last Grand Prix for only one driver in the race. Who was he?
Antonio Pizzonia

4. And which teams had their final race?
BAR, Jordan and Minardi. 1/3 point for each. Sauber was having its last until it returned couple of years later.

5. Who retired from the lead during 2007 race?
Robert Kubica. Anyone thinking about Lewis Hamilton - he was already overtaken by Kimi at the time of his retirement.

6. 2009 race saw Red Bulls finishing 1-2, Brawn GP 3-4 and which team in 5-6?
McLaren - Kovalainen was better of the two that time.

7. Who and which year was the first driver to get second win in Chinese Grand Prix?
Lewis Hamilton in 2011. Half a point for driver and half a point for year.

8. Fernando Alonso drove his 200th Grand Prix in 2013 event - and won. Which other driver celebrated a victory in his 200th GP*?
Jenson Button in Hungary 2011

9. Which year was the race result listed with less than 56 laps completed?
2014 - the official with the chequered flag was waving it too early.

10. 10-7-8-10-14-2-8-3-4-DNF. Results of Chinese GP for which driver?
Mark Webber

* Driver is deemed to have started the race if he took the initial start for the race.
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