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Welcome to the Austrian GP quiz. Its easy! I'm expecting high marks people :)

So if you're ready..

Question 1. The Austrian GP has been held on 2 different tracks under 4 different names. 1/4 point for each name.
Zeltweg, Osterreichring, A1-Ring, Redbull Ring

Question 2. Williams and Mercedes filled out the top 4 places last year. 1 point only if you get all 4 drivers in the correct order.
1st Rosberg, 2nd Hamilton, 3rd Bottas, 4th Massa

Question 3. Who was 5th in 2014

Question 4. What year is this from screenshot.25.jpg
1987 2nd restart

Question 5. After which driver was the now named 'Wurth Kurve' previously named.
Niki Lauda

Question 6. What year did team orders gate happen. screenshot.26.jpg

Question 7. Only 1 driver has won here more than twice. Name him.
Alain Prost in 1983,1985 and 1986

Question 8. What was Massa's pole time last year. 1 point if within 1/2 second either way. 1/2 point if within 1 second either way.

Question 9. Why was the track renamed A1-ring in 1996
A1 a mobile phone company were the main sponsor.

Question 10. Niki Lauda won his home grand prix here just the once. In what year?
1984 in the Mclaren-TAG

How did you do? Don't be shy.
When you get to our age cider_and_toast all the years meld in to one so trying to remember the year of the start line shunt, for example, gets a bit challenging ;)
Yep, one year out on that one. Trying to recognise the March car because in that mess it was the only one that stood out.

Funny enough, the older the question the easier I find it. Now, where's me slippers and Horlix ??
LOL sorry. I will make the Mexican one really easy. Q1 spell Mexico without looking at how I have spelt it in the question. :)
6 with few guesses shouldve been 6.5
but missed out by 0.041 as thought pole was 1:09.8
but defo quiz of 2 halves 4/5 then only 2/5
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AndI disagree FB. As I get older I'm finding it more difficult to remember what happened last year than in 1987. I'm probably starting on the old dimentia.
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