2014 Team Money Payouts


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Text book example of an uneven playing field. It's easy to see why the little teams at the back keep going bust.

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If they were to take 50% of the prize pot and slit it equally between the teams and then have a sliding scale based on WCC position wouldn't that be more sensible? As for the premium, is this to do with their importance to the sport and, if so, why do Red Bull get more than McLaren or Williams? Or is this a cumulative thing based on recent results.


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I think the payouts were based on how helpful they were to Bernie. Ever noticed how Mr Horner was always 'on message' while the sun was out.

I agree with you on the payments FB. I would modify it slightly and have payments based on each drivers position. That would potentially increase the need for teams to support both drivers.


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Nah this list is fantastic,it shows how good F1 is run, it maintains team harmony for the greater good of F1, practical distribution so all teams have an even chance, no one team is deemed special & it's why F1 is such a great and entertaining Sport today vs it's peers. Bernie I wouldn't change a thing.

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How about each team getting the same amount regardless of position? I realise that removes some incentive but then the whole point of taking part is to try and win. This'd give the smaller teams a massive boost.

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Alternatively, since most businesses don't get into the black for the first five to ten years, why not give money to teams that are younger than ten years old? That way, they might stay solvent long enough to get competitive.

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There is the point rufus_mcdufus that most of the money that the top teams have comes from sponsors, so there would still be the stimulus to do well. But Mr Ecclestone does not like having small teams, he prefers the ones that he can give unfair shares to because they will support him.
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