Pre-GP Quiz 2014 Russian Grand Prix


Greetings comrades and welcome to glorious quiz for Russian GP.

1) How long is the Sochi circuit, to the nearest 0.01km?
5.85 km, 1/2 point for 5.80-5.89

2) Now, believe it or not, there was a Russian Grand Prix held in 1914. But waht date was the race held on?
31st May. 1/2 point for 28th-30th May

3) And around what city's streets was these pre-war Russian races held?
St. Petersburg

4) A Grand Prix of the Soviet Union was scheduled to be held in what year of the 1980's?

5) When did Putin first propose a Russian race?

6) The race isn't actually located in Sochi. What town is it actually held in (or next to)?

7) In what year was the contract to sign the Sochi GP signed?

8) How many laps is the race going to be?

9) True or False: The Russian Grand Prix will theoretically see the cars cover the most distance in a race this season.
False. At 310.209km long, the Russian race is second to only the Malaysian GP (310.408 km long)

10) And finally, how many corners does the circuit officially have?

I got 2 of your answers but I'm filing an official protest and claiming 3 additional points!

I believe that the FIA is the governing body and thus the source of all Event Information. Whatever Bernie's company says, the FIA are the Way, the Truth and the Light.

So, firstly, question #8, the correct answer is tbc (as shown below). Anything else at this stage is purely speculation.

Then, question #9, the correct answer is "I do not know" because of the official answer to question #8

Finally, question #10, as the diagram below clearly shows, there are 18, not 19 numbered corners.


I know I'm right. And so do you mjo !

jez101 I'm slightly dunk when writing this, so persevere :)

For q8, the circuit length is 5.853 km. As we all know, a race distance is 305km or just over depending on how the laps fall, but never under. 305/5.853 = 52.11 laps. Now, as you can only have integer laps, and the race distance is never usually under 305km (unless you're in Monaco) the answer is 53 laps.

For q9, the answer is right regardless, and going on from q8.

As for q10, the FIA maps and the maps are different, with each discounting different corners to make the total of 18. So I've just combined the two :)

So no bonus points mate, sorry!!! :p
And at Monza and I think Melbourne the start line comes after the finish line so the 1st lap is only roughly 95% of a full lap.
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