Pre-GP Quiz 2014 Italian Grand Prix


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Benvenuti nel quiz per il Gran Premio 2014 italiano. Google translate non vi aiuterà qui!

1) In 1971 five drivers finished within a record breaking time of each other. What is that time to the 100th of the second.

0.61 seconds. Half a point if within 0.05 seconds

2) For 1/5 point each. Name those drivers.

Peter Gethin, Ronnie Peterson, Francois Cevert, Mike Hailwood, Howden Ganley

3) Picture Round 1.

Which Grand Prix was this image taken from.

Monza image 1.jpg

1969 Italian Grand Prix

4) Three Italians have won the Italian GP since 1950, obviously we all know Farina and Ascari but who was the third?

Ludovico Scarfoitti

5) Monza has been the home of the Italian Grand Prix since 1950 except for one year, when and where was it? No half points here!

Imola 1980

6) Picture Round 2

Here’s an image of the legendary podium celebrations at Monza. For 1/3 of a point each, name the three drivers on this podium.

Monza image 2.jpg

Vettel, Alonso, Webber

7) The famous banking was only ever used for 4 F1 grand prix since the championships inception in 1950. What were those races? 1/4 point per year.
1955, 1956, 1960 & 1961
8) The Italian Grand Prix this year is on the 7th of September, this is also my mums birthday. What’s her name?

Only joking but the real question is almost as tough, only 1 race winner since 1950 was born on the 7th of September. Name him

Lee Wallard. Half a point if you guessed it was some unknown American from the Indy 500

9) Picture Round 3

Here’s an Iconic image from an Italian Grand Prix. For 1/3 of a point each name the Driver, the Year and the Corner
Monza image 3.jpg

Derek Warwick, 1990, Parabolica

10) And your final question for the Italian Grand Prix is this.

The race has been won by drivers of 15 different nationalities since its creation in 1922. What were they? 1/15 point per answer!

German, British, Italian, Brazilian, Spanish, Columbian, Austrian, French, South African, Swedish, Swiss, New Zealander, Argentinian & Monegasque. & American as pointed out by Siffert Fan the as Andretti was the 1977 winner
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