2014 Formula One Awards


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Ahh, that time of year again. The 2014 Formula One Awards of the Year are awarded to...

Mansell Award for Extraordinary Face Fuzz: Daniel Ricciardo

Clumsiest Move of the Year: Nico Rosberg

City of Monte Carlo Schumacher Parking Award: Nico Rosberg

Kimi Raikkonen Cup for Best Ad Lib Corner: The "Rosberg Chicane", Monza

Best Timing for Doing Something Stupid that Results in a Safety Car: Adrian Sutil, Singapore

Best Fuel: Daniel Ricciardo, Australia

Best Indication that the Times have Changed: The FIA for having the balls to stand up to Red Bull in Australia

Rubens Barrichello Award for Attempting to Politely Smile on the Second Step: Nico Rosberg

Petronas Award for Remembering Sponsors: Nico Rosberg in Malaysia

Bromance of the Year: Bernie Ecclestone and Vladimir Putin

Unnoticed Despot of the Year: The King of Bahrain at Sochi

Eddie Irvine Award for Outstanding Ferrari No.2ism: Kimi Raikkonen

Felipe Massa Award for Suddenly Finding You're Not A Ferrari No.2: Kimi Raikkonen, Brazil

Ferrari Award for Rule Flouting: Ferrari, for the Spa grid-Alonso debacle

Nelson Piquet Jr. Trophy for Being Responsible for Basically Every Safety Car for about Half a Season: Adrian Sutil

Best Result of the Season: Jules Bianchi, Monaco

Derek Warwick Start and Park Award: Caterham

Johnny Herbert Award for Improving Form Just as Team Collapses: Marcus Ericsson

Comical Ali Award: FIA Press Officer who confirmed the Medical Helicopter could not take of in Suzuka, just as it took off behind him.

Award for Throwing Own Driver Under Bus: Toto Wolff and Niki Lauda

Lifetime Achievement Award for Threatening to Leave F1: Luca di Montezemelo

Silliest Season: Fernando Alonso

Nick Heidfeld award for Exceptional Midfielding: Nico Hulkenburg

Noah's Ark Award: Bahrain GP laps 51-2

B & Q Closes at 4 on a Sunday Award: British GP marshalls

Pointless Recovery from a Poor Start of the Year: Felipe Massa, Silverstone

Deliberate Spin of the Year: Felipe Massa, Silverstone

Most Misguided Entry to the Pit of the Year: Max Chilton, Silverstone, under red flag

"Screw It, Chilton's Going to Act the Idiot" Rule Change of the Year: Cars into pits, Suzuka

Inanimate Solid of the Year: The speck of dirt that hit Lewis Hamilton in Monaco

Inanimate Liquid of the Year: The unspecified foreign substance that stopped Nico Rosberg in Singapore

Inanimate Pitstop of the Year: Nico Rosberg in Singapore

Marcus Winklehock Award for Left-field Short Grand Prix Career: André Lotterer

Award for Strangest Rumour: Barrichello to Caterham!

Cristiano da Matta Award for Surprisingly and Anonymously Still Being an F1 Driver: Esteban Gutierrez

Andrea Moda Award for Not Letting the Fact It Is Your Driver's Home Grand Prix Stop You Screwing With Him: Caterham, FP1, Suzuka, Kobayashi

Derek Warwick Deliberate Start 'n' Park Award: Kamui Kobayashi, Sochi

Ivan Capelli Cup: Kimi Raikkonen

Jenson Button 2008 Award for Inexplicable Unwanted Status: Jenson Button

Jenson Button Cup for Stopping in the Wrong Pit Garage: Felipe Massa

Marco Apicella Cup: Will Stevens

Pastor Maldonado Award for Only Scoring One Points Finish: Pastor Maldonado

Fernando Alonso Award for Almost Exclusively Qualifying Between 4th and 8th: Fernando Alonso

Award for Recursive Attrition: Italian GP for only retiring Chilton and Alonso

Gerhard Berger Shield: Daniel Ricciardo

Longest Consecutive Smile: Daniel Ricciardo

Most Best Wins Ever, Ever: Lewis Hamilton (his best trophy ever)

Lewis Hamilton's Best Win Ever: His last one

Calling Santander Out on Their Shit Trophies Cup: Lewis Hamilton, Silverstone

Speedy Gonzalez Radio of the Year Award: Ai-ai-ai Fernando Alonso

Isabella I of Castille Award for Best Tactical Marriage: Susie Wolff

Jacky Ickx Award for Premature Flagging: The Chinese Grand Prix stewards

Dirty Old Man of the Year: Bernie Ecclestone for his knob jokes at the Malaysian Grand Prix

Attention Seeking Royal of the Year: Prince Harry

The Reverse Owl - Least Nocturnal Car: Nico Rosberg's Mercedes

OJ Simpson Award for Finally Being Convicted for A Lesser Offense: Red Bull Racing's flappy front wing

Virgin Racing Award for Being Beaten in the Championship by Someone Much Slower: Sauber

Rick Astley Award for Never Giving Up: Nico Rosberg, Abu Dhabi
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