2014 Formula 1 British Grand Prix


Those who know, they know
RasputinLives no no no aaaarghhhhh

Seriously though that weekend was not cheap so it needs to all be genuine!
Ok read back now. I haven't checked this thread in ages, your post I quoted was literally the first one I read.

Did you get a grandstand for the race? I was in woodcote and the mexican wave where I was carried on through woodcote and down the national pit straight.
Yeah Village for the race. Saw that moment Nico's gearbox went and Lewis took the lead. I seemed to be the only one not cheering...
Wow, I was a couple of rows in front of you on the opposite side of the stairs to mental man, I've even taken a picture of your flags!
Oh wow. What a coincidence. Out of all those people at Silverstone!
I think something creepy is going on. Someone else I know form a forum posted a picture saying he'd been on tele in the red flag period, and there sitting just behind him was me! He must have been sitting very near you, a young guy in Ferrari gear.
Ha! Would you believe it!
Hamberg are you in this shot? This is taken from Sky during the red flag. My flags have gone a bit tangled by this point. The Merc flag is now up. The Ferrari guy I mentioned is sitting just In front and to right of me as you look at the picture.
Did you both enjoy the silent national anthem? I was over in Village B (the one with the roof). The mexican wave never quite got down to us...
I was a row or two before and slightly to the middle but the right area. Yes chreden very much. I believe they hired the England football team to sing it, given they were at a loose end.
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