Pre-GP Quiz 2013 United States Grand Prix


Race Winner
1. The first time the US Grand Prix was part of the F1 World Championship (1959) was held at which track and who won the race? (1/2 points each)
Sebring, Bruce McLaren

2. Who won his only race at the US Grand Prix in 1971 at Watkins Glen?
François Cevert

3. Which team had their last ever race at the 1975 US Gran Prix in Watkins Glen?
Embassy Hill

4. Emerson Fittipaldi won the 1970 US Grand Prix. How many races in F1 did it take him to win that race?

5. Who scored his only ever F1 podium in the same race?
Reine Wisell

6. Who scored his only ever F1 points in the same race?
Derek Bell

7. Who is the last driver to win a US Grand Prix not driving for McLaren or Ferrari
Alan Jones (In 1980)

8. Who scored his only ever F1 point in the 2004 US Grand Prix?
Zsolt Baumgartner

9.The 1991 US Grand Prix marked the debut for Mark Blundell, Eric van de Poele, Pedro Chavez and two other drivers. Who are the two other drivers? (1/2 points each)
Mika Häkkinen and Erik Comas

10. Two teams made their F1 debut at the 1991 US Grand Prix as well. Which? (1/2 points each)
Jordan and Modena
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Bit annoyed that the races at Detroit, Phoenix etc. are not classified as US Grands Prix
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