Pre-GP Quiz 2013 Spanish Grand Prix


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This is the quiz for the up and coming Spanish Grand Prix (obviously, you get one point for each answer.

1)Last season Pastor Maldonado became the 1st South American to win at Catalunya...
True or False?

Although, Felipe assa is the only other South American to win here

2) Who won the 1st ever post war Spanish GP?
Ascari - Moss - Fangio - Farina

Ascari got the Pole Position for the race.

3) Which former team owner failed to qualify for both 1989 & 1991 Spanish GP?
Aguri Suzuki

4) What was special about the Podium at 1993 Spanish GP?
The only time that Prost, Senna and Schumacher stood on the podium together

5) Who achieved their the 1st win in 1974?
Niki Lauda

6) On his way to winning the 1996 Spanish GP how far up did schumacher manage lap the field?
3rd - 4th - 5th - 6th

7) Who got there maiden podium finish at 1995 Spanish GP?
Johnny Herbert

8) What was the podium for the 2005 Spanish GP?
Kimi Raikkonen, Fernando Alonso, and Jarno Trulli
(a quarter of a point for Raikkonen and Alonso each, half a point for naming Trulli

9) Which 2 brothers competed in the 1973 Spanish GP?
The Fonz brothers (Fittipaldi brothers)

10) What year was this?


I apologise for the picture loss, although I do think I have done much better than BBC and ITV to recover it as swiftly as I did with my sidekick tooncheese.
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