Grand Prix 2013 Korean Grand Prix Practice, Qualifying & Race Discussion

Mokpo's love motels welcome you to the Korean Grand Prix, situated on bleak wasteland miles away from anywhere else. Envisioned as a 'motor city', with tall buildings surrounding the circuit, it is likely that the race will drop of the calendar in the next couple of years, showing the success of the Korean venture into Formula 1. It's not a brilliant circuit to be honest, and some of the races there were rather tedious. It is, therefore, seen as one of the less memorable grands prix of the season.

In terms of the championship, Vettel's won it. Only Alonso (60 points behind with 150 left to play for) has a realistically small chance of overcoming the young German.

The only really memorable race here was the inaugural one in 2010, held in wet conditions, and finishing in the dark after an unnecessarily long red flag & safety car period. When we eventually got racing on the construction site that was the Yeongam circuit, Webber span out, Vettel's engine expired, Alonso won, the midfielders forgot how to drive and Jonathan Legard got all confused between Hamilton & Button.

To be honest, it would be easier to skip these final races and fast forward to 2014. Ah well.

Ready, Steady, Discuss!!!
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As someone who's watched F1 for over 10 years now (admittedly nowhere near as long as some of you old codgers) it's painful to say it's probably one of the first races that I'm not looking forward to at all, although I'll probably moan about it a lot before the race and then moan about the race a lot after Vettel wins, and no doubt I'll still end up watching it, probably a metaphor for being English that!
Seb might be due a spot of misfortune in Korea. You never really know though, and that's why we'll all tune in.

Plus, I heard that Tom Jones was mistakenly packed away in some sea freight that was sent on to Yeongam, so you won't want to miss him there. :wave:
In a way, it's almost won on Saturday, around half the races this year have been won from pole position, even more I suspect from the front row
Korea is a god dam awful Grand Prix isn't it? I let it off a little as back in 2010 I put a £40 bet on Alonso on a wim(I don't usually bet) and when he came home first I used the winnings to add to what I'd already saved and bought an engagment ring and asked my now fiance to marry me a week later.

Still a crap track though.

My eyes are on Grosjean this weekend. For my money he was pretty flawless at Singapore and got nothing to show for it due to car issues. Needs to show he can do it at least two races in a row if he wants to be lead driver at Enstone like he keeps saying.
Vettel gets pole, Mercedes boys follow him. Alonso and Massa way behind. By lap 10 Vettel is advised to take it easy. Somehow Alonso and Webber find their way to the top and complete the podium. There, no need to watch the race now :D
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Hulkenberg had a great overtake on 2 cars, Hamilton and... someone? :thinking:

IMO 2010 was probably the best race at Yeongham, if only for the championship (Webber putting it in the wall and collecting Rosberg, Vettel's engine giving up, Alonso taking 25pts home) and the rain.

2011 Wasn't so bad... kind of. The Hamilton-Webber fight was pretty entertaining though!
The return of stupid o'clock practice sessions! Is it bad that I'm looking forward to them as much as the actual race itself?
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