Pre-Season 2013 Car Launches

Chad Stewarthill, the regulation changes in 2012 stated that the "Maximum allowable height of the front of the nose reduced from 625mm to 550mm".

Having a high nose is preferable as it allows more air under the car, so we have to assume the maximum height is still at or under 550mm.
I know I'm getting a little ahead of myself talking about 2014 but the current cars are largely evolutionary. The change in 2014 should be fabulous. Rory Byrne is now very much a part of Ferrari again and has said he's working full steam on the 2014 car. He also said the 2013 F138 is a nice car but is childs play compared to whats to come. We should be in for another good year this season but 2014 is shaping into something very special.
teabagyokel......Very very good. He is now employed and fully involved at Ferrari rather than just a consultant. As you said teabag, it's good for Ferrari, I would suggest huge, when you consider how many constructors and drivers titles Ferrari won with Byrne designed cars. I also said a little while ago Ferrari will undoubtedly build very powerful and reliable V6 engines. It is after all half a V12, the configuration Ferrari built its reputation on. Ferrari engines and Byrne designed cars will be a superb combination. Ferrari built enormously powerful engines during the last turbo era, they just lacked a Rory Byrne at the time to give them a decent chassis.
From what I have seen thus far, Sauber and McLaren have displayed cars with the greatest amount of 'unique' detail. Doubtless the bigger teams will have been shadow boxing, and all will be revealed either never or in Melbourne. Sauber don't have the luxury of a huge budget, so I am inclined to think that what we have seen is what we shall get with respect to their car.


On a side note, I'm glad to see Daniel Radcliffe has managed to find employment after having graduated from Hogwarts. Not an exact spitting image I know, but not dissimilar imo.
Impossible to read much into what we've seen so far. Even something as simple as a paint job can confuse your impressions but from what I've seen the Ferrari appears to be the least cluttered design followed by the Sauber and McLaren. It's interesting this time round to see McLaren following the Ferrari lead by incorporating pull rod front suspension and most of the cars in fact nearly all of them, including McLaren and Red Bull have included the little winglet under the rear wing that Ferrari introduced last season, yet Ferrari haven't included it on the F138 this time. Of course that doesn't mean it won't become an upgrade as testing gets underway.
That's a very short stubby nose on the new Merc! The wing mounts have to angle forwards because it is so short :s
Brogan. Do you think when this is all done a closed thread could be set up with a post for each car? is there a gallery feature that could be used per post, similar to the "uploaded photos" lightbox slideshow interface? Would be cool to collate these into a galleries feature.
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