Pre-GP Quiz 2013 British Grand Prix


Hans Heyer
The F1 championship rolls into familiar territory, Silverstone, where it all began.

1. The 1954 race had a record seven drivers sharing the fastest lap. Can you name them all?
Fangio – 0.05
Ascari – 0.1
Moss – 0.1
Hawthorn – 0.1
Behra – 0.2
González - 0.2
Marimón – 0.25

2.1955 saw Aintree arrive on the scene, but what corner name does Aintree share with the modern Silverstone track?
Village, T5 at Aintree, T3 at Silverstone (2011-)

3.On the 30th June 1963 Tony Maggs claimed his third and last podium. Which constructor did he score them all for?

4.What connects the podiums of the 1950 and 1968 editions of the race?
Rob Walker, who was third in 1950, and Jo Siffert won in 1968 driving one of his cars.

5.What year is this track programme from?

6.The 1985 British Grand Prix was the fastest ever, but since refuelling was banned in 2010 have any of the Italian Grands Prix been quicker (Race average speed)?
Yes, 2010 Italy was 241 kph to 235kph for 1985 Britain.

7.Which year is this lap chart from?

8.The 2003 Grand Prix saw the only laps led by which driver?
Cristiano da Matta

9.Back to modern times, Vettel, Alonso, and Räikkönen have every fastest lap since 2005, but who has the most?
Räikkönen with 4, Alonso has 3, and Vettel 1.

10.And back full circle, whose qualifying lap was quicker, Alonso’s in 2012, or Farina’s in 1950?

Farina, who set a 1:50, and Alonso a 1:51.746
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