Pre-GP Quiz 2013 Brazilian GP Quiz


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1. How many Brazilian drivers have driven in F1?

30 - 1/2 a point if 2 either way

2. Which Brazilian F1 driver drove for Ligier with the backing of Brazil's coffee conglomerate Cafe do Brasil

Raul Boesel

3. Roberto Moreno's highest GP finish was second - where, when and for which team? (1/3 of a point for each)

Japan 1990 in a Benetton

4. Which team did Hernando da Silva Ramos drive for in the 50's?

Equipe Gordini

5. Name Brazil's 3 World Champion drivers (1/3 of a point for each)

Fittipaldi, Piquet & Senna

6. How many Grands Prix did Ruben Barrichello start?

322 - 1/2 a point if 5 either way

7. Emerson Fittipaldi left McLaren to drive for the Copersucar team run by his brother Wilson. What did their title sponsor produce?

Mainly sugar (1 point) which is then converted into ethanol and alcohol (extra 1/2 a point if you got either of these)

8. What year did the first Championship F1 Grand Prix take place in Brazil?


9. and who won it?

Emerson Fittipladi

10. Can you name the 7 South American drivers who have won the Brazilian GP? (point for each)

Fittipaldi, Pace, Reutemann, Piquet, Senna, Montoya, Massa

So scores out of a total of 17
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