Grand Prix 2013 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Practice, Qualifying & Race Discussion

You might remember last year's race, four times World Champion, Sebastien Vettel, started from the pit lane after not having enough fuel in his car post qualifying. He finished third and set up the chance to steal the World Title from Fernando Alonso. Kimi Raikkonen won the race, his first after returning from "sabbatical".

This year the title race is over. Vettel and Red Bull secured the title nice an early so there is only pride left to race for for the other teams. That, and several million dollars for finishing as high as possible in the Constructors Championship table. It's difficult to see past the Vettel/Red Bull combo as the race approaches. Perhaps Seb will find it in his heart to let another driver win but then, as a man driven by statistics (witness his attempts to take fastest lap in India) somehow I think he will be just as up for this race as every other.

Is it worth discussing the rest? Mercedes again qualified well in Inida but were poor in the race, a long way behind the charging Bulls. Felipe Massa is driving for a contract in 2014, perhaps he should have started a little earlier in the season? Lotus have fallen out of love with the departing Raikkonen after his shenanigans with his team mate in India so don't expect him to get much support from the team. Perhaps it's Grosjean's time for a win?

There will be other teams and drivers taking part, feel free to discuss them but I don't expect them to be much more than also-rans and mobile chicanes as the sun sets, literally and metaphorically, on the 2013 season.
I'll just throw in as an aside to FB's lovely little intro that the F1 title has been decided but the GP2 and GP3 titles will come to a far more dramatic end at Abu Dhabi.

Next years Toro Rosso driver Kyvat tries to overhaul a 7 point gap to Regalia with the likes if Daly and co waiting in the wings as an outside bet in the GP3 and Britains own Sam Bird goes head to head with Fabio Leimer for the GP2 title.

Future F1 stars? Who knows? But worth a watch.

As for the F1 I expect this to be a battle between Vettel and Hamilton in quali as they both love the circuit. I will be watching the Enstone team dynamic with interest.
It does seem Hamilton and Vettel both excel as Yas Marina, still I'd be surprised if if was close between them, Vettel being three quarters of a second ahead in India and all.

I wonder if Lotus can one stop again, had Grosjean started near the front in India he would have definitely had second place, by some margin too.
I think starting at the rear of the grid on an entirely different track would be the only way to stop Seb this year...
Set the grid by making the blokes draw lots and scrap blue flags. The cream will rise to the top and tracks like Monaco will give the minnows a chance to score some points if they're lucky!LOL
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How about if you're on the podium you're not allowed to race at the next GP. Bring on those tactical 4ths!!!

Reverse grids are stupid. In the BRDC F4 so many drivers were stamping on thevbreaks just before the line in order to drop down to 4th they had to start DQing them.
Drop down to 4th? But then they lose a whole load of points (which is what they are trying to gain by doing so) and are still going to be starting near the back.

I don't think Vettel would stamp on the breaks from the lead o drop back to 4th
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13 x 20 = 260

25 x 10 = 250

Tactics say 4th is best. Vettel might not but can see Ferrari or Mclaren trying to do it because of the boffins back at base.
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