Pre-GP Quiz 2012 Singapore Grand Prix


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1. The last Grand Prix held on 23rd September was the 1990 Portuguese Grand Prix at Estoril. Who won from pole?

Nigel Mansell

2. The other Grand Prix held on that date saw the first deployment of a Safety Car in the World Championship. For half a point each, name the year and circuit.

Mosport Park 1973

3. The only F1 (non-Indy) driver to have been born on that date was Robert Doornbos, who drove for which two constructors?

Half a point each for Minardi and Red Bull

4. Daniel Ricciardo is set to start his 24th Grand Prix. What is the Australian's best F1 result?

9th in Australia and Belgium this year

5. Lewis Hamilton's 20th win brings him level with Mika Hakkinen on the all time table. They both scored all their wins for McLaren, and are third equal on that constructors all time list. But how many of Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna's combined 92 wins were scored for McLaren?

65 - Senna 35/41, Prost 30/51
Half points 60-70 inc.

6. What is the highest position a driver who did not start the 2012 Belgian Grand Prix finished at Singapore?

6th position - Nick Heidfeld 2008, Rubens Barrichello 2009 & 2010

7. Timo Glock's last (8) F1 points were scored at Singapore in 2009. How many years is the longest gap between two points finishes for a driver in F1 history?

7 years, 11 months and 7 days (so 7 or 8 will get the point, because I'm feeling kind). Lucien Bianchi scored a point at Spa in 1960 and then 4 for a podium at Monaco in 1968

8. In fact, Glock already holds the record for the current field in gap between points finishes, with 3 years 11 months and 26 days. Which other two of today's grid went 3 years between points?

Pedro de la Rosa (BRZ 2006 - HUN 2010 & ITA 2001 - BAH 2005) and Michael Schumacher (BRZ 2006 - BAH 2010)

9. Who was the highest finisher at Singapore last year not to finish in his eventual Championship position?

Paul di Resta in 6th, the top 5 (VET, BUT, WEB, ALO, HAM) finished in that Championship order

10. The first race named the Singapore Grand Prix was held on 11th April 1966. Who won the next F1 race held that year?

Sir Jackie Stewart at the season opener in Monaco on 22nd May.
3! And I also demand a :1st: for having each driver's points at Q5 exactly right...But probably you all knew that as well and were humble enough not to show off:whistle:
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