2012 Season Preview


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Maybe a little early to start talking about next year but the provisional calendar is now available:


The 2012 FIA Formula One World Championship calendar is confirmed as follows:

ROUNDDATERACECIRCUIT118th MarchAustraliaAlbert Park
225th MarchMalaysia Sepang International Circuit38th AprilChina Shanghai International Circuit422nd AprilIndia Buddh International Circuit513th MaySpain Circuit de Catalunya 627th MayMonaco Monte-Carlo 710th JuneCanada Circuit Gilles Villeneuve824th JuneEurope Valencia Street Circuit98th July Great BritainSilverstone1022nd July Germany Hockenheimring1129th JulyHungaryHungaroring122nd SeptemberBelgium Spa-Francorchamps 139th SeptemberItalyMonza1423rd SeptemberSingaporeSingapore157th OctoberJapanSuzuka1614th OctoberKorea Korean International Circuit 1728th OctoberAbu DhabiYas Island184th NovemberBahrain Bahrain International Circuit1918th NovemberUnited States Circuit of the Americas2025th NovemberBrazilInterlagos
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2013 Regulations

The Technical Regulations for 2013 were approved:

- Power units will be four cylinders, 1.6 litre with high pressure gasoline injection up to 500 bar with a maximum of 12,000 rpm, with extensive energy management and energy recovery systems (now known as ERS), reflecting the decision taken by the WMSC in December 2010
- The aerodynamic regulations have been based on 2011 rules, with modifications in order to improve the aerodynamic efficiency: together with the power train rules, this will enable a 35% reduction in fuel consumption
- The height of the tip of the nose will be limited to ensure better compatibility in a T-bone style accident
- A limitation on transmissions (gear ratios, number of gearboxes) in order to decrease costs
- The overall weight of the car must be no less than 660kg

In consultation with the main stakeholders, and following the outcome of this consultation, a fax vote by the WMSC could be considered by 30 June latest to redefine the implementation date of these technical regulations.
21 races then. Phew. Korea moves to an April slot, and the US comes in as a double-header with Montreal. It's quite a distance between the two though, eh?
Sorry, didn't mean for you to edit your post F1Y.

I was just linking to it as it contains a few other snippets from today's meeting :)
It's got more information than F1Fanatic, I'm going to learn how to do table code and smarten it up!
I still shudder at the thought of 2013..... I can see the logic behind going to smaller engines but why such a massive change with tiny four cylinder engines and rev limits to really stick the knife in. A better way to improve fuel efficiency IMO would be to keep with the current 2.4 V8s but restrict the amount of fuel that can be used in each race. It would open up the engine development race again but that's going to happen with the new regs anyway.

As for the 2012 calendar I think the addition of the USA grand prix makes it feel more balanced and complete for some reason, although 21 races does seem a lot when the teams are already feeling the strain of a 20 race season.
I don't see what was wrong with 16 to be honest. The quiet of the off-season helps build anticipation of the new one ahead. Soon it will feel like football, where one season has barely ended before the new one begins.

Besides, us family types have to strike a balance; there are others to consider you know. Races every fortnight over an extended spring / summer season were a good fit, whereas now it'll be:

'What? Another Grand Prix already? Another whole weekend of sitting in front of that box watching practice after practice, qualifying and the race, then another hour watching them discuss it afterwards - then watching the replay again later? There was one just last week!
WHAT? There's another one NEXT WEEK as well?
AND THE WEEK AFTER THAT??!! It's almost CHRISTMAS for God's sake!
I'm off to the computer, to Google 'Divorce Lawyers'!
I think that Bernie will keep increasing the number of races until it gets to around 25 - from 18 to 19 to 20 to 21... what next?One other thing, how's Russia going to fit into the calendar in 2014 if Bernie doesn't want to drop anything????
20 was fine...but 21?? Russia will be on the calender for 2013 I think, will it be 22 afterwards?

And I thought this was Turkey's last season...when did they renew the contract?
Surely we are at the point of saturation for the race calendar, as much as I love F1, we are getting too many races now.
Think Turkey won't make the calendar next season, so we'll go down to 20 instead of the 21.

But i think it's gonna get to the stage where all the old fav's will remain on the calendar every season and a few races will alternate every season like Abu Dhabi and Bahrain hopefully?

I'm well happy about the Canadian and USA back to back GP's i've missed them alot since Indianapolis went off the calendar.
Fat chance of Abu Dhabi and Bahrain alternating, the money there would ensure they have a permanent place on the calendar
It was morely wishful thinking on my part. But still i think a few could well alternate though. Just hope that Brazil, British GP, Monaco and Canada will be on the calendar every year.
Valencia and Catalunya should alternate...too appalling tracks. I will cut Valencia a bit of slack as we have only seen 3 races there...but even then it's not that good, the two German tracks should have more of a permanent place than these two.
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