Poll 2012 Japanese Grand Prix out of 10!

2012 Japanese Grand Prix out of 10!

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Bollocks LOL

Just for that, here's win finger in a new guise

I didn't think it was much of a race to be honest, the big move from Massa happened through the stops and the only real suspense was Button and Kobayashi. Perez was providing value until he took himself out. I can't get excited about a delayed Webber or Senna fighting with a Toro Rosso. 3
Had the first corner accidents not happened it could have been a race. But they did, so it wasn't.

But for some unknown reason I gave Singapore a 5, anything is better than there so it must be 6.
Would have been a three but Kamui and Massa's results have added 1 point each. So five.

Otherwise the entire race was meh.
Never given a race below 6 on this.

But since Singapore, I thought I was being generous, this one gets a 5 (that's still generous me thinks!)
Bit of a "what could have been" race - would have loved to see what an un-punctured Alonso and a well-set-up Hamilton might have managed, not to mention Mr Wibbah. Kobayashi's and Massa's races were good stories though.
Finally caught up with the race - not the best to be honest. No memorable overtakes on the track, mostly done in the pits.
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