Pre-GP Quiz 2012 Indian Grand Prix


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1. Only one Grand Prix has been held before on 28th October, the Spanish Grand Prix where Juan Manuel Fangio won his first title in 1951. Jose-Frolian Gonzalez was second for which constructor?


2. It is also the birthday of one B. C. Ecclestone Esq., who was born in 1930. Both the European Grands √Čpreuves that year were won by which constructor?

Bugatti - Louis Chiron at Spa and Phillipe √Čtancelin at Pau

3. The 30th October sees the anniversary of the birth of the first World Champion Guiseppe Farina. In which year did he enter his last World Championship race?


4. Nico Rosberg will likely become the 42nd driver to hit 125 Grands Prix in India. Is this more or less than Keke started?

Nico has had more starts - Keke started 114 races

5. Timo Glock will start his 55th race in car #24 in India. Which Italian is the only other driver to start races with car #24 in three separate seasons (since 1974)?

Gianni Morbidelli from his time at Minardi in 1990-92.

6. Fernando Alonso has 209 points in the Championship. Is this more or less than the points he had after 16 rounds in 2010?

More. He had 206 then, as did Vettel.

7. Renault engines scored their 200th pole position in Korea. How many poles are they behind Ferrari?

8. It stands at Ferrari 208-200 Renault (Half point 6-10)

8. Which driver was the only one not to complete lap 1 at the Buddh International Circuit in 2011?

Kamui Kobayashi

9. After 16 races this year, the drivers who started race 1 are the same as those who started race 19. In 1994, how many of the 28 drivers entered into the Brazilian GP at the start of the season started the Australian GP at the end in the same teams?

19. (Half point 17, 18, 20, 21)

10. Daniel Ricciardo has scored in 4 of the last 5 races. How many times has Jean-Eric Vergne scored in the same period?

Twice - but has scored 8 points to Danny Ric's 7!
I was feeling pretty good about 3.5 until I scrolled down.... I think I lost confidence after the first three impossible ones and missed at least one of the gimmes :(
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