Pre-GP Quiz 2012 Canadian Grand Prix


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Oh Canada.

1. The only Grands Prix held on 10 June in the past have been Canadian Grands Prix. Who won the first in 1990?

Ayrton Senna in the rain

2. The 2nd June 1970 saw the death of Bruce McLaren. How many victories did his team take in his life time?

4 - one for Bruce at Spa in 1968 and three for Denny Hulme

3. There has only been one Canadian constructor in Grand Prix racing, with Peter Broeker entering a Strebro in the 1963 US Grand Prix. Where did they finish?

7th position - only 20 laps down! (1/2 point for 6th-9th)

4. The Canadian GP this year will mark the fifth anniversary of Lewis Hamilton's first Grand Prix win. How many drivers have won more Grands Prix than Lewis Hamilton since that day?

Only one, Sebastian Vettel (22). Hamilton is 2nd with 17 in that time period

5. Last year's Canadian Grand Prix was the longest race in World Championship history in terms of time from start to finish. Where was the previous record holder?

Indianapolis for the 500 - in 1951, 55, 56, 53, 52 and 54 - are 2nd to 7th on the list respectively. A point also for Nurburgring Nordschliefe (8th) in 1954

6. The Canadian GP was moved to June for the first time in 1982. Which racetrack made its first appearance one week before?

The Detroit street circuit

7. Michael Schumacher has won the Canadian GP 7 times. Who is the only other driver to win 3?

Nelson Piquet in 1982, 1984 and 1991

8. Canada is a special circuit for BMW, with its only victory as a constructor and its most victories (4) as an engine builder. Name the other two constructors to build winning cars in Canada for BMW.

Williams (Ralf Schumacher, 2001) and Brabham (Piquet, 1982 & 84)

9. Other than Kubica, name the only non-McLaren winner since 2005.

Fernando Alonso 2006

10. How many non-World Champions have historically won the Canadian Grand Prix?

Ickx, Revson, G. Villeneuve, Laffite, Arnoux, Alboreto, Boutsen, Berger, Alesi, R. Schumacher & Kubica. 11. (3/4 points for 10 & 12, 1/2 points for 9 & 13, 1/4 points for 8 & 14)

Good luck, y'all.
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