Pre-GP Quiz 2012 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix


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1. The previous Grand Prix held on 4th November was the Australian Grand Prix of 1990. The four World Champions (past and future) in the field ranked top 4 for fastest laps. Who did set the fastest lap?

Nigel Mansell, who finished second to Nelson Piquet

2. 4th November 1953 saw the birth of Jacques Villeneuve's uncle, Jacques Villeneuve. With which team did Jacques attempt to enter two Grands Prix in 1981?


3. Last year's Abu Dhabi Grand Prix saw victory for Lewis Hamilton. For half a point each name the drivers penalised for ignoring blue flags.

Jamie Alguersuari and Pastor Maldonado (in one of his more idiotic performances)

4. What is the only Grand Prix in Asia never won by Sebastian Vettel?

The Pacific Grand Prix, simply because it was held last in 1995. He's won all the others!

5. The only F1 driver from the Middle East is Israeli Chanoch Nissany. How many seconds was he off McLaren reserve Alex Wurz' leading pace in Friday practice at the Hungaroring in 2005.

12.9 seconds, so full point for 13, half points for 11,12,14 or 15. Having said that, Wurz was 1.5 seconds clear!

6. Sebastian Vettel has now lead every lap of a race on 7 occasions, as many as Alain Prost and Alberto Ascari. In which year did Prost do so three times in the same season?

1988 - at Jacarepagua, Mexico City and Jerez

7. Vettel has lead 205 consecutive laps putting him 5th on the all-time list. Should he lead all 55 laps in Abu Dhabi, what position would he jump to?

3rd - ahead of Senna (2) and Mansell, but behind Ascari and Senna (1)

8. Which current driver has the record for most consecutive laps led by a non-World Champion?

Mark Webber, 159 laps from lights in Spain in 2010 to :crazy: in Turkey

9. It is Kimi Raikkonen's 175th entry in Abu Dhabi. How many no-starts has the Finn suffered when he has entered?

1, at USA in 2005

10. Kimi finished 12th in his one and only Abu Dhabi GP start in 2009. Who finished higher, his then team-mate Giancarlo Fisichella or his now team-mate Romain Grosjean?

Fisichella was 16th, Grosjean 18th and last
No. 4 is a cheating underhand trick question…… I still wouldn't have got it even if it was not misleading, but still. ;)

1 :disappointed:
I was expecting the answer to No.1 to be someone who was already a WDC rather than someone who had yet to win one...
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