Pre-GP Quiz 2011 Monaco Grand Prix - Pre-Race Quiz


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Here is the pre-race quiz for the Grand Prix of Monaco 2011. Enjoy!

1. Which is the most successful constructor (in terms of wins) not to make their debut in Monaco?


2. Ayrton Senna won the Monaco Grand Prix on six occasions. Which year did he achieve the Grand Chelem (pole, win, fastest lap, led every lap) in the principality?


3. The last Monaco Grand Prix on the 29th May was in 1960. Which constructor secured their first win?

Lotus. Stirling Moss won in a Rob Walker entered Lotus 18 with a Climax engine.

4. Which team secured their last podium on 29th May 1994?

Tyrell-Yamaha, with Mark Blundell at the wheel at Barcelona

5. Which driver started his only race from pole on 29th May 2005?

Nick Heidfeld of Williams BMW at the Nurburgring

6. There was no Monaco Grand Prix in the World Championship from 1951-4. In which of those years was it run as a non-Championship Sportscar race?

1952. It was won by Vittorio Marzotto of Ferrari. Sadly Luigi Fagioli suffered a fatal injury.

7. Louis Chiron became the only Monegasque driver to stand on a World Championship podium in Monaco in 1950. For which constructor did he win the 1931 Monaco Grand Prix?


8. How many constructors have won in Monaco since Ferrari last won there?

5. McLaren, Williams, Renault, Brawn and Red Bull

9. True or False.

Lotus last win was Ayrton Senna's victory at the 1987 Monaco Grand Prix.

False. He won the USGP at Detroit later that year!

10. Ayrton Senna's 6 Grand Prix victories at Monaco is the most of anyone at any one circuit except from Michael Schumacher. Name the six circuits Schumi has won 6 or more races at for 1/6 of a point each!

Magny-Cours (8), Montreal, Imola (7), Spa, Barcelona, Suzuka (6)
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