2011 Monaco Grand Prix - Marmite or Marmalade?

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Not my cup of cake
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Who get's your choice for a tablespoon of horrible Marmite for having a bad moment or weekend and who get's a tablespoon of lovely bitter Marmalade for an exceptional moment? You can nominate anyone or anything just explain your reasons (I can see McLaren getting a few spoons of Marmite from this one)
Well I like both Marmite and Marmalade :s

But Marmite to McLaren, Hamilton and Monaco as a GP.

No marmalade for anyone, disappointing qualifying, disappointing race.
Marmalade... pretty much everyone, that was a great race.

Marmite... Jaime A., for robbing us of the final six laps.
Definitely Marmalade for EJ in the pool. Highlight of the weekend!

Marmite for the lap 72 collision for ruining a classic finish.
The marshals at Ste-Devote who cleared Maldonado's car more than deserve the marmalade.

McLaren get my marmite.

They didn't clear it...it never happened ;)

Marmalade - The top 3, and the comical pitstops.

Marmite - Schumacher going out early, he was providiing us with some nice action!
I know I've been away for a while but I guess this is the replacement name for the fish/champers thread. This one leaves me with a bit of a problem since I both love a decent marmalade and I'm a huge fan of Marmite. But in the spirit of thread I guess....

Marmalade - Hamilton's pass on Schumacher
Marmite - All those involved in the crash that caused the Red Flag and therefore stopped us seeing an awesome finish to the race
Marmalade - Kamui Kobayashi for getting his Sauber into a good points scoring position. Especially after seeing his teammate taken to hospital after that crash yesterday.

Marmite - Alguersauri for causing a crash and stopping us from seeing a great finish to the race.
Marmalade - Schumacher (!) and his opportunistic passes at the hairpin!

Marmite - Hamilton punting Maldonado out of the picture.
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