Pre-GP Quiz 2011 Indian Grand Prix - Pre-Race Quiz


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1. The only other Grand Prix held on 30th October saw a World Championship for Ayrton Senna in 1988. Where was the race held?


2. The Indian GP would have marked the 105th birthday of the first Formula One World Champion Guiseppe "Nino" Farina. What did he do in the first Championship race that he would never repeat?

Win from pole

3. 30th October is also the date of birth of the late Maurice Trintignant. Of the drivers to have raced in 1950, what record does he hold?

Most races. He was to start 81 races until his retirement in 1964, the most of the 'originals'

4. The day after the Grand Prix (Hallowe'en) is the birthday of which current driver?

Sebastian "Moose" Buemi. Sadly not Maldonado!

5. Qualifying day is the 60th birthday of Tiff Needell, where did he qualify for his only Grand Prix in 1980?

23rd at Zolder in 1980

6. What is an Indian driver's best F1 result?

4th for Narain Karthikeyan at Indy in 2005

7. Name all 4 of the drivers to race for Force India for a quarter of a point each.

Adrian Sutil, Giancarlo Fisichella, Vitantonio Liuzzi and Paul di Resta. I hope you all got a point there...

8. The only Grand Prix to take place at the same time as the Delhi Commonwealth Games was last year's Japanese Grand Prix. Who finished third behind the Red Bulls?

Fernando Alonso

9. In 2009, the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix was held on the equivalent weekend. Which two drivers retired from the race?

Half each for Lewis Hamilton and Jaime Alguersuari

10. Narain Karthikeyan is to start his 27th Grand Prix this weekend. Which Grand Prix winner started 27 Grands Prix?

Taffy Von Trips

Did Fisi not go from Force India to Ferrari? I thout he was a Ferrari test driver now.


Did Fisi not go from Force India to Ferrari? I thout he was a Ferrari test driver now.

In fact. Q7. Hulk. He's been there all season.

5 points for me and 0.25 point loss for anyone who said Fisi.
First you misread it, then I edited it. I always edit a question after feedback to get rid of any ambiguity.

However, if you're giving away an answer in one of these posts, please spoiler it!
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