Poll 2011 Indian Grand Prix Driver of the Weekend

2011 Indian Grand Prix Driver of the Weekend

  • Mark Webber

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  • Felipe Massa

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  • Nico Rosberg

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  • Bruno Senna

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  • Vitaly Petrov

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  • Rubens Barrichello

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  • Pastor Maldonado

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  • Adrian Sutil

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  • Paul di Resta

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  • Kamui Kobayashi

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  • Sergio Perez

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  • Sebastein Buemi

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  • Heikki Kovalainen

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  • Jarno Trulli

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  • Daniel Ricciardo

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  • Timo Glock

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  • Jerome d'Ambrosio

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Not my cup of cake
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This was the first ever Indian Grand Prix, in India. Not sure if any of you noticed that we had a race in India today and Indian's love cricket but now they love F1 - 'cos everyone at the BBC said so...

Who had the best weekend?
Good race for Kovi who kept up with the midfield for a good while and special mention to Karthy for getting the better of his team mate but.....

It has to be Vettel. Another race where he hasn't put a foot wrong.
I'm going for Alguersuari because he keeps impressing and is now consistently the most likely man behind the Mercs.

Honourable mentions for Karthikeyan who finished ahead of his team-mate whilst blocking almost everyone.
Button and Alonso continue to impress.

And Vettel. The only reason I didn't vote for him is because I'm bored of doing so, but a deserved inductee to the Grand Chelem club.
I went with Schumacher, he had a great start and did really well to preserve his tires and jump Nico in the pitstops.
Vettel was dominant but I've come to expect that so not really paying attention to him anymore :P
Vettel's qualifying lap alone was something special, hit all the apex's, a joy to watch. Then acheived the "Grand Chelem" and that is very hard to achieve.

Button again second, good drive from him dispatched Webber early one, getting his head down and doing the best he can.

Alonso, the same as Button getting his head down, getting the maximum result he can, got past Webber who was in a better car.

Schumacher, started 11th, had a great start, he mentioned he didn't use his KERS at the start but saved it for the straights that impressed me, got ahead of Rosberg and gets 5th again.

Karthikeyan is worth a mention, his qualifying was really good, very close to Ricciardo in qualifying and in the race, also had damage to his car after contact with Trulli.

It is between Vettel, Schumacher and Karthikeyan for me, but since Karthikeyan still has a habit of ignoring blue flags and got a grid drop he gets ruled out, Schumacher didn't qualify well but Mercedes stated they had a problem, nevertheless he still didn't get into the top 10.

Has to go to Vettel, simply faultless
Has to be Vettel. If Pole, fastest lap, race win, and lead every lap is not worthy of the driver of the weekend, I am not sure what is, in the same car his team mate could only manage 4th.
All three on the podium were faultless but for me Schui was the man of the race. The fourth man on the podium (Adrian Newey) has to get the prize for the best Mr. Bean impersonation all weekend!
3. Karthikeyan - very impressive on his return
2. Vettel - Grand Chelem, need I say more?
1. Alguersuari - Impressed in Korea, even more so in India. Gave him the vote because of his improvement overthe past two races, and I thought he was better here than in Korea.
I don't know how Karthikeyan is getting votes... He qualified behind his team-mate who has less starts this season, but more recent ones I'll admit. Then preceded to hold up everyone and anyone without caring about the rules at all!
I meant mentions, not actual votes.

Why not mention him? He had his best race to date and was the leading HRT driver, was only off Ricciardo's time I think by 0.033s (not sure) with Liuzzi always beating him in the past, and with Ricciardo matching Liuzzi as team-mates it was a great effort.

Certainly better than a lot of others on the grid today.

But he really does need to learn on how to get out of the way, it's always the HRT drivers holding faster cars behind, most notably Karthikeyan. So having no reputation, and beating a driver who is been hailed to be one of the future stars I would say that it was a strong race by him.
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