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You say "conservative" - I say, like Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean, the greatest drivers are just waiting for the "opportune moment."
Hard to argue with Captain Jack Sparrow! :blink:


You've obviously misconstrued a number of my statements.

Am I wrong in saying that there is not a "memorable" overtake from Jenson's race. His main competition either fell off the road or retired from contact. This is not a slight, this is what happened.

Don't worry though, my posts will not change the fact this drive will be remembered as Button's best, surviving two coming together's and charging from the back in changeable conditions. It's just one of those races that will look a whole lot better in the history books than on the video screen.

This started in the Statistics Forum, and has now been moved to the Race Discussion thread, so I think I'll have a go at the Schumacher move one more time.

Of course Hamilton was carrying more speed, he was trying to pass someone. He then had to abandon all thoughts of an overtake and worry about keeping it on the road when Schumi swerved across. This was an extremely unorthodox line to take in the braking zone, and one that I would say was rarely repeated throughout the entire race.

I stand by my original comment about this "defense". If this is considered acceptable, then we have entered into a completely new era of racing, where the trailing driver is basically without any rights at all on the circuit. Sadly, the FIA seem to be confirming this line of thought every weekend.


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Regarding the Schumacher move, from what I've read since the race, pretty much all pundits agree that Schumacher was lucky to escape without sanction for what was an illegal move.


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Yes Ray, but then you can counter argue and say "because it was wet I should be entitled to the best line" :thinking:
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