Pre-GP Quiz 2011 Abu Dhabi GP - Pre Race Quiz


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1. Which driver won the World Title in the last 13th November Grand Prix, at Adelaide?

Michael Schumacher in 1994

2. Lewis Hamilton took a pole position seven-tenths up on Sebastian Vettel at the inaugral Abu Dhabi GP. Where did fellow Brit Jenson Button qualify?

5th behind both Red Bulls and his Brawn team-mate Barrichello

3. The 2009 Abu Dhabi GP was the last race for Brawn GP. They became only the fifth constructor to win their first ever World Championship race. The first was, of course, Alfa Romeo in 1950 at Silverstone in race #1. The second was, predictably, Kurtis Kraft who won that year's Indy500. Name the other two.

Wolf in Buenos Aires in 1977 through Jody Scheckter, (and in a nice connection with Brawn) Fangio's Mercedes team at Reims in 1954.

4. How many men have stood on the Abu Dhabi podium?

4. Vettel, Hamilton, Button and Webber. Its not looking impossible that won't change this year either!

5. Counting the last 4 Asia Minor races (2010 Bahrain, Turkey, AD; 2011 Turkey), which driver has scored the most points overall?

Lewis Hamilton (70). (Vettel 62, Alonso 50, Button 47, Rosberg 42, Webber 41)

6. In this Asia Minor Championship, who has scored more points, Schumacher or Kubica?

Schumacher (20) to Kubica (18)

7. In that Championship, who scored a point for Williams?

Barrichello at Sakhir

8. In which year did F1 visit Ain-Daib?


9. Jarno Trulli started his 250th Grand Prix in India. What did he lose before race 7, gaining back on race 235?

Car number 21. He started with Minardi in 1997, moved to Prost on race 7, and took the number 21 back at the start of the year 2011!

10. Bruno Senna starts his 25th Grand Prix on Sunday. Which non-points scoring British driver of the 1970s entered 25 Grands Prix?

Rupert Keegan
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