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Korean Grand Prix Champagne Moment

  • Lewis Hamilton's Radio Transmissions to get the race started

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  • The Korean GP organisers for actually staging a race

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The idea of this thread is to compliment the Driver of the weekend vote and, perhaps, make the Driver vote more reflective of the entire race weekend rather than just a single incident. I'd like you to nominate one outstanding moment from the race weekend that you feel is deserving of the coveted "CTA Champagne Moment" award and is unceremoniously stolen from the BBC TMS coverage.

If you could avoid any moments of schadenfreude (such as a drivers engine blowing 9 laps from the end of the race) it would be much appreciated - this poll is meant to accentuate the positive.

Once nominations dry up I will then add a poll for you all to vote for. Please give me a headline to add to the poll and then (if you feel like it) some justification for your nomination. Unlike the Driver of the Weekend award please feel free to nominate anyone - a driver for an overtaking manoeuvre, a team manager for an inspired pit call, a mechanic, a marshal, one of the commentators, a pit babe, etc, etc. So, for example, in Singapore it could have been Kovi's fire-fighting escapades.

I'll kick you off with Lewis Hamilton's radio transmissions pleading for the FIA to get on with the race. We could all see the circuit was good to go, why the race director couldn’t appears to be beyond the ken of most people
Re: 2010 Korean GP Champagne Moment

Mercedes' decision to switch the cars to a wet setup whilst waiting on the grid for the race to restart. They'd realised the cars were out of park ferme and gambled that the start would be delayed long enough to make the switch. Sadly Rosberg wasn't in the race long enough to capitalise on it, but I think it definitely benefited Schumacher.
Re: 2010 Korean GP Champagne Moment

I agree with brundle with this,alonso finally takes the lead after being laughed at when he thought he culd still win it at silverstone.
Re: 2010 Korean GP Champagne Moment

I missed that during the broadcast.

Good stuff there from Jenson, shame there are no style points awarded :D
Re: 2010 Korean GP Champagne Moment

I forgot about that move Keke, Brundle was in awe as well. Good spot!
Re: 2010 Korean GP Champagne Moment

Not sure this really counts as a champagne moment but it made us at work laugh out loud.

With around 7 or 8 laps left, Seb V is on the radio to the team saying something like "It's too dark to race out here, I can't see a thing".

Cut to Mclaren Team radio and Lewis is on talking to the Mclaren Pit Wall saying "Don't let them stop the race, it's fine out here".

Again, not really a champagne moment but Seb V parking his kaput Red Bull well out of the way and by a gap in the wall so as to avoid another safety car and not effect the race was good to see. (Another driver who had to go and put his own burning car out).

Finally, and I guess this actually is a champagne moment, I'd like to nominate the Korean GP for actually happening and in horrible conditions on race day. I think the race as a whole can be judged a success and I for one am looking forward to getting back there next year to see how it goes in the dry (fingers crossed). Yes the circuit had its problems in the run up to the race but as they say "It was alright on the night".
Id like to vote for Buttons save, but being as it led to nothing except crossing the line in one piece because he was so far down the order, ill go for the radio transmissions.

There any reason for 2 radio options? edit, daft question
Modified the Poll Grizz as one was to get the race started the other to try and get it stopped.
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