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According to the Spanish press, Spain look likely to have another driver on the F1 grid next year. Is Pedro de la Rosa going to be driving a Dallara next season? I can see Campos wanting a Spanish driver or two in tow as he enters F1 for the first time and I can't see that there is any [realistic] Spaniard around with more F1 experience, and he has been a test driver for the development of a couple of very good McLarens, so he clearly has some understanding!

So how is next years' grid looking?

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I don't think we'll see Danica Patrick in the USF1 team. She has been seen visiting a NASCAR team this season and has spoken of a desire to join that series. I believe she wouldn't get creamed if she did but then again her career has been a lot more flash than bang. She is having a pretty good season this year and has apparently also been in talks with another indy outfit because I think her AGR contract ends this season.

Either way, US F1 is the least likely destination for her in the 2010 season.
So do we all think this is Kimi's last season in F1 or will he turn up somewhere else (Renault maybe) for a big pay packet?
I don't think even Kimi knows what's happening with him :D
There are so many rumours about him staying at Ferrari, moving back to McLaren, quitting, etc.
Who knows what he's going to do for 2010.

I would guess the following:

Staying put:
Lewis, Jenson, Kazuki (sponsorship deal?), Seb V, Mark

Rubens, Heikki

As for the rest, no idea :dunno: although I would like to see Anthony Davidson get another chance.
One of the more "out there" rumours I have heard was Rubens to Renault in place of Piquet.

Can't remember where I heard it so sorry no link but I'm pretty sure it came up in discussion at some point during the German GP coverage.
I'm sure I read something about Sutil possibly going to Renault.

Have you not read about it? Oh yeah, because I just made it up!
Webber has signed for Red Bull according to BBC Sport.

Who does Jacques think he is? Lance Armstrong*?

*I can't see Astana letting him beat Contador from this point to win le Tour, but I have been wrong before!
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